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Nikon Coolpix P80



What we think

The P80 demonstrates the gulf between what looks good on paper and what works well in practice. Yes, it does have an 18x zoom and image stabilisation, but the AF is too slow to make those long shots feasible, and the electronic viewfinder is inferior to a digital SLR’s optical ’finder

Reasons to buy

  • + Easy to use
  • + Compact and solid

Reasons to avoid

  • - Poor quality viewfinder
  • - Awkward to handle
  • - Slow autofocus
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Product Details


The new Coolpix P80 combines 10.1 megapixels and an incredible 18x (27mm-486mm) optical Zoom-Nikkor lens for exceptional image quality and stunning prints as large as 20 x 30 inches. Optical VR Image Stabilization minimizes the effect of camera shake, for sharper images. The incredible, bright 2.7-inch high-resolution LCD and electronic viewfinder make composing and sharing pictures easier than ever. Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure Modes give you personal control over camera operation. A new Sports Continuous Mode lets you capture up to 30 frames at up to an amazing 13 FPS! 10.1 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 20 x 30 inches Plenty of sharp resolution to capture the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements. Amazing 18x Optical Wide-Angle Zoom-Nikkor Lens This lens is built on Nikon's proud heritage of producing precision camera optics that deliver superb color and razor-sharp results. This amazing lens offers unbeatable compositional freedom with it's wide-angle (27mm) to super-telephoto coverage (486mm). You can photograph sweeping landscapes and zoom in to capture the action on the baseball or soccer field! Bright 2.7-inch LCD and electronic viewfinder makes it easy to compose and share your pictures with friends and family. The incorporation of the high-resolution electronic viewfinder enables you to see through the lens in any type of lighting condition. Optical Vibration Reduction image stabilization compensates for camera shake to prevent blur and produce clearer, sharper results in lower light or unsteady conditions. In addition, the benefits of Nikon's VR system extends to faster framing on the monitor as well as smoother action when using the movie mode.

Resolution MegaPixel 10
Optical Zoom x 18
Storage Type Secure Digital
Camera Type Compact
Optical Sensor Optical Sensor CCD