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Niles Audio OS5.5



Niles Audio OS5.5 Speaker

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Features and Benefits Patent-pending integrated woofer/baffle assembly increases the woofer cone-area to cabinet-width ratio for enhanced bass output Carbon-weave polypropylene woofer cone reduces breakup and lowers distortion Butyl-rubber woofer cone surround damps resonance and provides exceptional durability Dispersion stabilizer distributes midrange tones for clear off-axis sound Tri-laminate Teteron dome tweeter one-inch fluid-cooled tweeter provides ultra-wide dispersion for clear, detailed, and extended high-frequencies Weatherproof engineering enables OS loudspeakers to handle extreme hot, cold, and moist environments, exceeding the military’s strict anti-corrosion specification MIL-STD-883D Advanced material science elevates appearance and longevity of the cabinet and grille, plus enhances the performance of the woofers, tweeters, and crossovers Architecturally-friendly designdelivers stellar acoustical performance, yet tucks discreetly away into corners and under eaves Low-diffraction grille and front baffle ensures that the sound waves emanating from the woofer and tweeter are not reflected by the surrounding parts of the loudspeaker for precise imaging and acoustical accuracy Rigid, acoustically-inert cabinet prevents transmission of unwanted vibrations for clean and dynamic bass response All-weather versatility reduces installation limitations to provide great sound from the beaches of miami to the harsh winters of minneapolis. Specification Impedance: 8 ohm Recommended amplifier power: 5W to 100W Frequency response: 95Hz - 23kHz +/-3dB Sensitivity: 90dB for 2.83V pink noise

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