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  1. Nilfisk GD5 Vacuum

    Say goodbye to dust. This is a backpack vacuum, perfect larger offices or for both domestic and commercial use. This vacuum cleaner produces 78 decibels and weighs only 4.4 kg, enabling you to vacuum multilevel homes easily. The suction power of 235 Watt enables making sure that the house is in a continuous state of dust-free perfection. Thanks to its 15-metre cord, people with large homes can reach all the corners of their house. Dimensions: 26 width x 38 depth x 57 height.

    $325 - $358
  2. Nilfisk VP600 Vacuum

    Introducing the Nilfisk VP600™: a sleeker, more beautiful commercial vacuum. Developed in partnership with a Copenhagen, Denmark design institute, the VP600 signifies the next evolution of canister vacuum design. Featuring two highly maneuverable, fully directional caster wheels on the body, it eliminates drag, effortlessly following you wherever you clean—hotels, schools, retail stores, offices and a variety of other commercial floor cleaning applications. Simply put, it’s been engineered to reduce strain on the body to virtually nothing.

    $525.94 - $671
  3. Nilfisk VP300 Vacuum

    Nilfisk will alter your concept of clean. The low profile enables vacuuming draperies and upholstery with no hassle thanks to an array of multipurpose attachments. Producing 50 dB, this silent vacuum cleans up without disturb others. With a 10-metre cord, every person whose home has few and far between outlets will enjoy this product. It weighs 5.3 kilograms, which enables toting up the stairs effortlessly. This vacuum machine measures 390mm tall 340, mm wide 395, mm deep.

    $245 - $339
  4. Nilfisk Ergo VL500 Vacuum

    Brand new Nilfisk commercial vacuum cleaner Twin Motor Unit Folding Transport Handle Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaning with dual filter system Hinged motor head for easy, efficient filter changing Ergo tipping system to transfer weight as you lift the container to empty Empty the container without removing the motor head Single latch lock for easy open and close function Light weight Use for general light cleaning, floor restoration, dry and dusty workshops, flood clean ups, production areas and hotels Big 75L Tank Capacity 40mm tool and accessory fitting Incl. multifit hose connector, stainless steel tube, accessory storage, floor nozzles with nozzle parking, wet vacuum floor tool with rubber strip, dry vacuum floor tool with brush, small brush nozzle, crevice nozzle, extension tube, 2.5m hose complete with machine end piece and handle, sack filter One year commercial warranty

    $525 - $616
  5. Nilfisk Bravo Pet Pack Vacuum

    Redefine clean with this Nilfisk canister vacuum cleaner. This is a canister vacuum cleaner, which allows for cleaning draperies and upholstery in addition to wooden floors and carpets. This vacuum features a 10.19-meter operating radius and produces 64 decibels, which enables tidying up without disturbing others. It features a 7-metre cord and weighs 6.5 kg. This enables vacuuming multilevel homes without breaking your back. This vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a cord rewind feature, designed for quick and hassle-free storage. With a HEPA 10 exhaust filter, you'll be able to prevent over 85% of dust from circulating back into the air and leave it refreshingly clean. 430W x 300D x 280H.

    $189 - $299
  6. Nilfisk 107403227 Vacuum Cleaner

    The very first Nilfisk, which was also the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe, was introduced in 1910 – developed and patented by the Danish electro technician Peter Andersen Fisker. It weighed 17.5 kg and was quite expensive. An absolute luxury item – and a highly desired one at that, as wall-to-wall carpeting was becoming the new trend in stylish interior decoration.Features750 Watts Motor (Uses 50% less power than 1500 Watts)Energy Rating 'A' On Emmission (Energy Useage/Year 27.6)HEPA H13 Filtration (99.95% dow to 0.3 micron)2.7L Dust Bag, Exceptionally Quiet 69 dBA (Bagged)Auto Power Function, Stop N Go ParkingLED Indicator StatusElectronic Bag Full & HEPA Full Indicator3 Quality onboard tools, 8m Power Cord (11.2m reach)Multi Purpose Floor ToolHard Floor ToolHeight adjustable telescopic tubeMini Turbo nozzle & Turbo NozzleNon-scratching swivel wheels5 Year Warranty

    $289 - $368
  7. Nilfisk 12404911 Vacuum

    Nilfisk will change the concept of cleaning. This is a canister vacuum cleaner, enabling you to clean stairs and raised furniture without difficulty thanks to an array of multifunctional attachments. This bagless vacuum weighs 5.5 kg, allowing you to tote this vacuum around the house with ease. It features a cord rewind feature. This vacuum cleaner produces 81 dB and features 500 watts of suction, so it efficiently collects any mess for a dust-free home. The 9.19-meter operating radius will be ideal for people with large houses. Thanks to the HEPA 12 filter, allergy and asthma sufferers can clean without any worries. This vacuum measures 200mm tall, 290mm wide, 430mm deep.

    $208 - $229
  8. Nilfisk 12404901 Vacuum Cleaner

    Say goodbye to dust forever. The low profile of this versatile vacuum will make it easier and much more comfortable to clean stairs and get under furniture. It has a 6-metre cord and comes equipped with a cord rewind feature, made for easy storage. This Nilfisk vacuum produces 70 dB and features 350 watts of suction power, which enables you to make sure that the house stays in a state of spotless perfection. This is a bagless vacuum and it weighs 5.2 kg, which enables carrying up the stairs easily. Dimensions (mm): 280W x 400D x 280H.

    $168 - $169.98
  9. Nilfisk Attix33 Vacuum

    Nilfisk ATTIX 33 and 44 ranges come with an impressive non stop high and will stand out as one of the most powerful and reliable machines in their class. A sealed dust system, automatic filter cleaning and several other user benefits are designed to meet the tough requirements in building and constructions and other industries. A durable and washable filter with non stick membrane used for both wet and dry pick up with a filtration efficiency of minimum 99.9percent ATTIX 33 and 44 series is available in all safety dust classes L, M and H.

  10. Nilfisk Attix 3021XC Vacuum

    Brand new Nilfisk Alto Attix commercial vacuum cleaner Wet & Dry Pick Up Durable, sturdy construction with ABS Plastic Compact, easy to use and portable Light weight Big 30L Tank Capacity Extreme Clean Filtration Included Hose 5m Antistatic, Stainless Steel Wand and Professional Floor Tool Auto StartStop for electric tools One year commercial warranty

  11. Nilfisk GD930S2 Cleaner

    Nilfisk will forever change your concept of cleaning. Thanks to the low profile, this versatile vacuum can handle several types of surfaces thanks to a several multifunction attachments. With 270 Watt watts of suction, you'll be able to vacuum dirt and dust off of any floor and carpet. The super long power cord of this lighter-than-average vacuum cleaner will extend your operating reach. This vacuum measures 330mm tall 390, mm wide 450, mm deep.

    $779.94 - $850
  12. Nilfisk Combat Ultra Vacuum

    Brands : Nilfisk Power (W) : 2200 Type : Barrel Suction Power (W) : 500 Bag Type : Bagless Strong suction 2200W motor HEPA filtration Clean exhaust air Bagless Machine Variable Speed Control Turbo nozzle Hard floor nozzle Cable Rewind On-Board Accessories Specifications Colour: Silver metallic/blue Cable Length (M)/ Plug Type: 6/AUS Volt/Frequency (V/Hz): 240/50-60 Rated Power/Max Power (W): 1800/2200 Suction Power Motor/End of Tube (W): 500/350 Dust Pick-up (% IEC 312): 72 Airflow without Hose (L/SEC): 38 Vacuum (KPA): 29.5 Sound Pressure Level at 1.5 M (DB(A)ISO 3744): 70 Sound Power Level w/ Nozzle (DB(A)60704-2-1): 84 Radius of Operation (M): 9.2 Dust Bag Capacity (L): Bagless Main Filter Area (CM²): Hepa Exhaust Filter Area (cm²): Micro

    $139 - $149
  13. Nilfisk Select Comfort Pet Vacuum

    The Nilfisk Select Comfort Pet Bagged Vacuum is the ideal vacuum for families with pets. With a large dust bag capacity, turbo floor tool, mini hand turbo tool, HEPA filtration plus many other useful, the Nilfisk Select Comfort Pet combats pet hair, dirt and odours in your home with ease. The Nilfisk Select is built with the environment and you in mind. Its allergy filtration, cleaning performance and ease of use mean this exceptional vacuum cleaner delivers a new standard in cleaning technology.

    $449 - $449
  14. Nilfisk HANDY2IN1 Vacuum

    12V of Power NiMH* Battery 1800 mAh battery capacity Seperate Charging unit and AC Charger Weighs on 3.35 kg 510ml Dust Container Capacity Foldable handle - easy storage Washable 'wire mesh' primary filter Washable 'fabric' second filter Equipped with Power Brush 14-16 hours charge time 20 minute running time 78dB(A) Sound Power Level

  15. Nilfisk One Prime Vacuum

    The Nilfisk One Prime is a compact and lightweight vacuum without sacrificing efficiency and performance. With HEPA H13 filtration and a Turbo Floor Head, the Nilfisk One Prime is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers as well as pet owners. The Nilfisk One is a small and handy vacuum that is perfect for small places and confined spaces. The Nilfisk One is built with you in mind. All models are fitted with our neat storability solution.

    $149 - $150
  16. Nilfisk Coupe Neo Vacuum

    Redefine clean with this Nilfisk vacuum. This is a canister vacuum. This powerful vacuum produces 64 dB, which allows for tidying up and not disturbing others. The 8-meter operating radius is perfect for people with a small amount of power outlets in their houses. It weighs 5 kg, which enables cleaning multilevel homes effortlessly. This Nilfisk vacuum cleaner has a 5-metre cord and features a HEPA 10 filter, designed for preventing over 85% of airborne particles from recirculating back into the air and leaving it fresh and clean. It features a cord rewind feature. 280 width x 360 depth x 260 height.

    $158 - $160
  17. Nilfisk BV1100NA Vacuum

    Product Features:- Max Power - 1100W- Sound Pressure: 65dB(a)- Anti static HEPA filter- 5L dust bag capacity- Combi Nozzle- 1 year commercial warranty.- Santoprene bumpers

    $445 - $660
  18. Nilfisk Alto Attix 50OH Vacuum

    Certified for the removal of Hazardous materials including lead and asbestos Safety vacuum for dust class M or H debris Mid-size machine for user-friendly convenience Soft Start for extended motor life Includes Complete Hose, Rods, 400mm industrial floor tool, rubber nozzle, and H Class Filter Does not include vacuum bags Genuine rubber mains cable Push Clean filter cleaning system - cleans your filter while you work Front ruber castor wheels for greater mobility One year commercial warranty Filtration Standard H Class Vacuum m/bar/KPa 230/23 Air Flow Rate 3700 L/Min Wet andamp; Dry Yes Max Power 1500W Sound Level 57 dB (A) Container Capacity 50L Dimensions H x W x L (cm) 45 x 38 x 75 Weight 14 kg Accessory Size (Diameter) 36mm More Products for Your Vacuum: Take a look through some of the other products we carry for your Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Nilfisk Alto Attix 50 PC XC EC Clean Room Fleece Vacuum Filter Bags (302004004) - Pack of 5 Genuine Fleece filter bags **VacuumSpot proudly…

  19. Nilfisk IVB7M Vacuum

    Safety Vacuum for H Dust Class Debris 1200 Watt Motor IPX4 Protection 70Litre Container 27.2kg 7800cm2; Filter Area One Year Commercial Warranty Includes hose and antistatic kit

  20. Nilfisk VHS42 Vacuum

    The VHS 42 MH dust extractor series sets a new standard for design and level of the Nilfisk wet and dry vacuum portfolio. With innovative filtration system, improved performance, robust design and dust class MH certification, this range represents a superior solution for professional customers looking for a reliable machine to protect workers health and safety. A flow sensor with combined acoustic and LED warning monitors the filter and air flow to secure performance and filtration on the highest and most safe level.

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