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Nintendo Freaky Forms Deluxe 3DS



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Bring your very own creatures to life, plucking each designed element from the depths of your mind to create something truly unique. Called formees, your customised creatures are created on a drawing board featuring a large palette of shapes, body parts and colours that can be put together and tweaked to transform them into pretty much anything. The only limit is your imagination. As the expanded version of the Nintendo 3DS Download Software title, Freakyforms, Your Creations, Alive!, this eccentric game is packed full of user-generated content and contains a wide range of new features for you to enjoy. There are a lot of body parts to choose from when designing your formee, such as wings allowing your formee to fly and wheels that will make your formee move much faster on land. Features: - Allow your formees to explore in a role playing style with the addition of dungeons - Special actions can be assigned to your formees, from lauching opjects to making noises - Sharing with your friends has now become easier with a multiplayer option of up to 4 players - More trophies, storage and map variety providing fun for all!

Type Game Kids