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  1. Ozpig For Sale - We also sell Ozpig BBQ accessoriesHappy as a pig in mud. That’s how you’ll feel when your camp kitchen or camp site has the new Oz Pig BBQ as it’s focal point. The Ozpig BBQ is an inspiration to outdoors cooking all year round, and a brilliant source of warming heat when living the outdoors life during the chilli months.Our Ozpig For Sale is ideal for fishing trips, camping, caravanning, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for the backyard and brilliant on the patio. Used for cooking and heating, the Ozpig has a huge list of accessories making it incredibly versatile.Where cooking is concerned, your imagination is the limit. Ozpig provides a massive range of cooking ideas with the accessories to make it all possible. From a simple billy tea, to the culinary masterpiece, the Ozpig will provide. Ozpig represents the simple and versatile option for memorable outdoor entertaining.The Ozpig is an efficient 360-degree outdoor heater. Everybody can sit around the Ozpig feeling toasty and warm on the crispest of winter nights. You don’t have to worry about the prevailing wind causing a smoke hassle. The Ozpig chimney channels the smoke up and away, so regardless of where you’re sit, there’s much less chance of smoke in your eyes.Designed to burn slowly and efficiently, there’s no longer any need to bring a forest load of fuel to keep it stoked. This is great for saving premium space in the car whilst travelling to your camp spot.The Ozpig takes just seconds to set up making it very convenient. The big feature that most will find irresistible is that the Ozpig can be used in 90% of places where open fire is generally not permitted. Safety features include a spark arrestor, positioned in the chimney and an optional vented door, so that your Ozpig can be operated with the door closed.Weighing it at a robust yet manageable 17KG, the Ozpig is built to last, handling the rigors of your camping extremes and the tough Australian outdoors. The Ozpig is built to last a lifetime of family camping adventures. The handy carry bag makes carrying and transport super easy.Cooking in the caravan can be the pits as it’s hot and cramped. Chargrilling, spit roasts, pizza, stir-fry and baking a loaf of bread, will put smoke and smell in your caravan that is impossible to remove. With the Ozpig, you can enjoy cooking all these feasts outdoors. The offset chimney makes it perfect for cooking in the annex also.As the belly is off the ground, there is no damage to the manicured grounds of a caravan park. The safety options make it the ideal cooker and heating device for use in caravan parks.While the Ozpig is a cooking and heating legend straight out the box, it’s the Accessories that make it something truly special. Check the list below for accessories for sale that will allow you to customise your Ozpig to your needs.Features and SpecificationsHere is what is included in the basic main kit for sale.1 x Ozpig Steel body unit1 x Carry bag to suit2 x BBQ Plates4 x screw in legs1 x Chimney Set – 3 sections1 x Spark Arrestor1 x plate lifting handle / wood poking device1 x wire grate – assisting fire to breathe (ash trap)1 x Comprehensive book of instructionsWeight: approx. 17 kgDimensions: 41.5 cm × 36.5 cm × 41 cmNotes: Images for illustration only, please be aware that not all i

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  2. Rhino Compact 320 Single Swag For SaleSimple is often the best and this is genuinely the case of the Rhino Compact 320 Swag. Ideal for most temperate and tropical climates the Rhino Compact is your key to lightweight, no fuss outdoor adventure. It is also your connection to the traditional essence of camping. Sleeping under the stars with a full uninterrupted view of the Milky Way. While it has a head awning, it is only required when the weather turns difficult. On the nights of clement weather it’s all about the view from your bed.The Rhino, as the name implies, is built very tough to handle Aussie conditions. Rip Stop canvas will handle the rocks, dirt, dust and hard edges. The HDPE open cell foam is 5cm thick and designed for a comfortable sleep out on the ground without the swag being reduced to a heavy cumbersome lump. This is the sort of swag that will be great for the motorcycle adventurer. It will strap easily to your ride.It will fit nicely in the boot of even the smallest vehicle, so ideal for the car camper. It’s ideal for the angler looking to spend the night out at their fishing spot without having to take a trailer of camping equipment. For all intent and purpose the Rhino Compact swag is made in the tradition of the classic Aussie swagman. This is affordable camping at its absolute minimalist best.

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  3. 10a Double Australian Usb Power Point Supply 2 Socket Switch Wall Plug Black

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  4. The ZIP switched wall light is supplied without a bulb, allowing you to choose whichever type you prefer. We recommend LED, but halogen or CFL can also be used with the Zip. The switch is conveniently located on the front of the mounting plate. The classic white ZIP also features bright chrome highlights.Features:Dimensions:Fitting: Length 70mm x Height 280mmProjection: 180mmColour: Brushed Chrome and WhiteGlobe Base: 1 x GU10Voltage: 240VGlobe: Globe Not IncludedWarranty: 1 Year WarrantyAvailable Colour: Brushed Chrome and White

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  5. Power Switch by Switch Nutrition - Not Just Another Pre-Workout! The team at Switch Nutrition have used a precise blend of nutrients to provide the perfect balance of focus, alertness, drive, and determination. Using a combination of Caffeine Anhydrous, Juniper Communis, 2-amino Iso-Heptane, L-Theanine, Synephrine and Taurine to Provide immediate intense and prolonged smooth energy. Power Switch also focuses on increasing performance and pump with Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, and Creatine Monohydrate to have you powering through every rep with intensity. Key Points: Intense Prolonged Energy Mind Blowing Pumps Dialed in Focus No Crash Increased Alertness Our thoughts: We found Power Switch to contain several key ingredients that are clinically proven to increase energy, focus, alertness, strength, power, and speed, while also reducing lactic acid. We especially noticed the increased pumps and enhanced strength during training giving us the power to drive through an almost impossible workout. We definitely noticed the quality ingredients that Switch Nutrition have created Power Switch, with no sign of any crash with the long lasting powerful energy. Directions: recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers. Amino Switch by Switch Nutrition - Dairy & Lactose Free Essential Amino Acid! Amino Switch contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids in the Perfect Human Ratio designed to help muscle recovery and prevent muscle breakdown. The powerful combination of ingredients in Amino Switch may help reduce fatigue, enhance recovery, regulate cortisol, support energy and improve performance. Amino Switch will give you a complete amino acid supplement designed to maximise muscle recovery and growth by minimising protein degradation. Key Points: Build Muscle Enhance Recovery Maintain Protein Balance Improve Performance Burn Fat Our thoughts: Amino Switch is an amino acid supplement that contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids and the team at Genesis love that this is designed to help muscle recovery while preventing muscle breakdown. With all the EAA's contained in Amino Switch, it can be used as a low-calorie alternative to protein shakes and be used during training with all three BCAA's along with the EAA's. The guys at Genesis find it such a unique and easy to use supplement for all your training needs. Directions: recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers. Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition - Ketogenic Performance Fuel! Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition is a Ketone formula to help SWITCH ON Ketosis which is a state where your body burns more fat, increases energy, enhances brain function, lowers inflammation, controls blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity and assists in fight food cravings. Keto Switch is useful for people who are attempting a low carb or intermittent fasting nutrition protocol. Key Points: Burn Fat Control Hunger Improve Blood Sugar Management Increase Energy Improve Performance Our thoughts: Keto Switch is a very impressive supplement packed with a precise blend of Ketogenic Amino Acids, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Ketones to provide amazing results. The Genesis time is impressed with the great amounts of increased energy and enhanced brain function that Keto Switch provides. You can achieve all of your greatest goals with Keto Switch. Directions: recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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  6. 10a Double Australian Usb Power Point Supply 2 Socket Switch Wall Plug Silver

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  7. When you're out in the sun all day, you are bound to suffer physically if you're not taking care of yourself. Being successful at fishing actually means being prepared to bear it all for the long haul. You need to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature th

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  8. Xvive V12 ABY Mini Channel Switch Pedal

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  9. Adrenal Switch by Switch Nutrition - Magnesium Adrenal Support! Adrenal Switch is a 100% natural formula designed to switch off your stress and switch on your recovery. Perfectly combining Ashwagandha extract, highly bioavailable Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Aspartate, B6 and L-Theanine Adrenal Switch will regulate cortisol and increase strength while adding in protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown. Adrenal Switch will help support your adrenals to improve training results, reduce stress and increase performance. Key Points: Reduce Stress Enhance Recovery Support Hormones Improve Performance Increase Strength Our thoughts: With over 75% of the population being magnesium deficient, Switch Nutrition has brought us a solution with Adrenal Switch. The team at Switch know that if you are no optimising recovery then you will never achieve your best results, Adrenal Switch is designed to lower stress and increase in recovery. Also up to a 32% decrease in Cortisol, a 15.3% increase in Testosterone and a 52% increase in strength, Adrenal Switch helps support you to improve results. The Genesis team saw major decreases in stress levels and giving them the ability for a better sleep as well. Directions: recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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  10. Oriel Lighting - Black and White 250V in-line foot switch.Features:Dimensions: Length 100mm x Width 80mmColour: Black and WhiteWarranty: 1 Year WarrantyAvailable Colour: Black and White

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