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No Brand Kitchen Appliances silver bullet mini moods

  1. Wonga Road was founded in 2001, in the spare room of Tim and Kristie Rumble's spare room of their family home on the beautiful street of the same name in Cremorne. Primarily a beach and kitchen towel brand, Wonga Road has since expanded their range to bath towels, clothing, swimwear and tableware. They may have dipped their toes in a larger creative pool, however, they still remain committed to designing high quality, affordable and reliable products for their customers. They also ensure that their producers meet their desired social and environmental guidelines, because they are passionate about their brand. The Wonga Road Tea Towel is one of the newer Wonga Road products. Available in a number of rustic, earthy colours, this range of Tea Towels will bring some provincial style to your kitchen décor. They are made from cotton and linen, so they are soft to the touch, as well as durable. The Wonga Road Tea Towel will be your new kitchen companion, and when you're done you can simply throw it in the wash. No spill will go un-wiped, with Wonga Road... Tea Towel features: Designed in Australia. Made from cotton and linen. Includes handy loop on the underside corner for hanging. Warm machine wash and tumble dry recommended. Colour: Silver. Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm.
    + Shipping: $5.50
  2. If the masterminds at Joseph Joseph took over the world, we'd be in a much smarter, more efficient place - especially when it comes to the kitchen. The folks at Joseph Joseph must stay up late every night, dreaming of a world where things just work, where technology is effortless (yes, even the humble wooden spoon) and your kitchen stays as pristine as possible. In their latest imaginative haze, they've come up with a unique tool that every home must have, the Index Chopping Board Set. Joseph Joseph's Index Chopping Board Set is a clever set of four colour-coded chopping boards and a silver storage case. Designed to prevent cross contamination of different foods, the Index Chopping Board Set's cute easy-grip index-style tabs indicate the food type they should be used with. Index Silver Chopping Board Set features: Designed in the UK. Crafted from BPA-free plastic. Colour coded chopping boards. Green board is for vegetables, the blue board is for raw fish, the white board is for cooked food while the red board is for raw meat. Chopping boards have easy grip tabs indicating the food type they're specifically designed to be used with. Grooves in each board prevent crumbs and juices from contaminating your kitchen bench. Each board has non-slip feet. All the boards are housed within a stylish storage case. Chopping boards are dishwasher safe. Presented as a set in a Joseph Joseph box. Set Contains: Green Vegetable Chopping Board - 20cm (h) x 30cm (w). Blue Raw Fish Chopping Board - 20cm (h) x 30cm (w). White Cooked Food Chopping Board - 20cm (h) x 30cm (w). Red Raw Meat Chopping Board - 20cm (h) x 30cm (w). Silver Storage Case - 30.5cm (l) x 21cm (h) x 8cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
  3. Portable Ice Maker Get this amazing looking yet useful machine that produces approximately 15kg of ice in 24 hours! It’s amazing how fast yet quiet this machine works. You have a choice of 3 sizes of ice that you like your party to have as well. With 12 evaporator spikes, you’ll get 12 bullet shaped cubes every 9 minutes, gives you the coolest looking ice cubes ever. Portable design, you can bring it to wherever you need it! Get ready for your summer party with this incredible ice maker! Features: 2L Portable Ice Maker Makes 12 cubes of ice every 9 minutes 3 options of ice cube size Compact & Portable LED Control Pad Comes with ice bucket and ice scoop Automatic Shutoff when water is low or ice is full Bench top design Non Slip Feet Quiet Operation Specifications: Power Voltage: AC 220-240V/50Hz Power Rating: 150W Water Tank Capacity: 2L Ice Making Capacity: 10-15kg/ 24hr Ice Bin Capacity: 600g Colour: Silver Package Contents: 1 x Portable Ice Maker 1 x Ice Scoop 1 x User Manual
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  4. Anyone who cooks regularly will tell you that it's not hard to lose track of the time when you are preparing a meal. You step away from the kitchen for what seems like five minutes and your batch or cookies are burning in the oven, or your pot of spaghetti is bubbling all over your stovetop. With CDN's Mini Timer you can keep an eye on the time, and get the most out of every meal with this small and compact gadget. With a simple and easy to use design, this timer counts up or down up to 100 minutes by the minutes and seconds, while the large digital display is very easy to read. There's even a small magnet built into the design, meaning you can place it on your fridge and ensure you never burn a meal ever again! White Mini Timer features: Designed in the USA. Digital timer counts 100 minutes by the minutes and seconds. Easy to read display. Minutes and seconds buttons. Start/Stop button. Counts up or down, depending on your preference. Magnet allows this to be mounted onto your fridge. Requires 2 x 1.5V button batteries (included). Instructions included. Presented in a CDN box. Colour: White. Dimensions: 5.5cm (l) x 7cm (h) x 0.8cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
  5. There's no task too small to escape the attention of US foodie company, Fusion Brands, who are dedicated to solving some of life's every day challenges, particularly in the kitchen. They've even come up with a solution to the way you prepare a humble chook. The Food Loop Mini & Lace is a genius silicone trussing tool and poultry lacer that replaces unsightly string and toothpicks while cooking. Made of heat-resistant silicone and with a stainless steel needle, use it to easily sew up and close the cavity of any bird or even a whole fish. Meanwhile the Food Loop Mini holds smaller stuffed, rolled, bunched and wrapped meat plus fish and veggies. You can use them in any pan on the stove top, in the oven, or in the freezer. Or link them together when dealing with larger foods. With their bright coloured silicone, they'll make your meals look festive. Foodloop Mini & Lace Set features: Designed in the USA. Made from silicone and 18/8 stainless steel. BPA free. Links loop together for larger foods. Use in any pan, on the stove top or place in the oven and freezer. Heat resistant to 357 ºC. Non-stick. Food loops are microwave safe. Presented in a Fusion Brands pack. Set Contains: 2 x Blue Mini Food Loops. Orange Lace with Needle. Pack Dimensions: 11cm (w) x 20cm (h)
    + Shipping: $5.50
    (45% Off)
  6. The beautiful, natural and luxurious texture of wood meets design genius, with Ironwood Gourmet. In a world where environmental activists mourn the loss of our rainforests and the waste created by unnatural materials equally, Ironwood Gourmet is doing things a little differently. They craft their exquisite culinary tableware from acacia wood and other non-endangered tree species, which have also been sustainably sourced to ensure minimal environmental impact. Now you can do away with nasty materials and embrace the beauty of Mother Nature - without harming her! This Mini Cutting Board Set is perfect for quick everyday tasks, like chopping up bananas for breakfast, but they can also be used as a sophisticated serving idea. And, as an added bonus, their wooden construction is kind to your knives. After all, nothing man-made can ever beat the beauty and practicality of Nature. Mini Cutting Board Set features: Designed in Australia. Dark board is made from acacia wood, a non-endangered species. Lighter board is made from blonde wood, for an attractive contrasting finish. Not harvested from rainforests. Wood is dried for over a year before being worked on, which prevents cracking and warping. Requires occasional oiling to remain in top condition. Hand wash with warm soapy water. Set contains two chopping boards, each with a differing grain colour. Dimensions: 19.5cm (l) x 1.5cm (h) x 15cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
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  7. The Zyliss Mini Masher is shaped to fit in smaller bowls when making baby food or dips such as guacamole. It's a must-have tool alongside your larger masher and it also allows the bowl to be scraped as well as scooping up any leftover food. In fact, once you start using it, you'll find it's indispensable. Mini Masher features: Designed in Switzerland. Teflon-coated to prevent food sticking to it. Ideal for making dips and perfect for baby food. Compact size. Hanging loop for convenient storage. Length: 21cm.
    + Shipping: $5.50
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  8. Lovers of cooking are always on the lookout for inspiration. Whether it's an ingredient, a recipe, or in this case. an innovative tool. Spanish design company Lékuéaims to inspire, with every aspect of their products designed thoughtfully, with bold creativity thrown in to the mix! This can be seen in their material of choice - platinum silicone, which is the highest quality silicone available. It's non-stick, durable, and can handle the most extreme temperatures - simply perfect for cooking. Create delicious frozen treats with minimal effort, thanks to these Mini Stackable Popsicle Moulds. Crafted from platinum silicone and polypropylene, this set includes four popsicle moulds with sticks that stack on top of each other to save space in your freezer. Each mould includes a clear lid to prevent any nasty smells seeping in, while the included recipe booklet will provide you with delicious treats all summer long. Mini Stackable Popsicle Mould Set features: Designed in Spain. Crafted from food-safe platinum silicone and polypropylene. Platinum silicone can withstand temperatures from -20ºC to 100ºC. Create delicious popsicles with minimal effort. Each mould comes with a stick. Stackable design saves space in your freezer. Clear lid protects from any nasty smells. Includes a recipe booklet. Freezer and dishwasher safe. Presented as a set in a Lékuébox. Individual Mould Capacity: 60ml. Individual Mould Dimensions: 6.5cm (l) x 2.5cm (h) x 10.5cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
  9. Eeeek! Watch out! There's a bee in the kitchen! Run for cover if you will, but believe us, this bee isn't out to sting anyone! He's just sitting patiently on his Beehive after a day of buzzing between the sunflowers and gathering nectar. And what a cute Beehive it is! Made from ceramic, a rubber flower blooms on top, helping you to easily lift the lid. Inside you'll find a dipper for spooning honey from the jar, topped with the hive's busy bee. This Mini Honey Pot & Dipper is a much better way of storing and serving store-bought honey, which tends to come in ugly jars.this delicious natural gift deserves so much more. You can even use the pot to serve jams and other conserves: so long as it's sweet, the little bee will guard it close. Mini Beehive Honey Pot & Dipper features: Pot made from glazed ceramic, with a rubber flower on the lid. Wooden dipper with rubber bee on the end. A delightful way to serve honey and other conserves. Hand wash recommended. Pot Dimensions: 7 x 8cm.
    + Shipping: $5.50
    (35% Off)
  10. Mmmmm, burgers. Who doesn't love a good burger? Juicy, tender, on a seeded bun and not too much salad. Delish. But a good burger is a game of ratios. Like I said, not too much salad. The bread can't be dry and shouldn't be too much bigger than the patty (or smaller, for that matter). Everything needs to be stacked properly for optimal juice capturing. It can be tricky. But Davis and Waddell have the answer. They know that the real core of the burger is exactly that - the middle bit. So their Slider Burger Press, designed to make the best patty ever, is a very, very welcome gadget. The perfect size for the perfect patty, Davis and Waddell's Maverick Slider Mini Burger Press will become invaluable in your kitchen. Simply press in your patty mix for it to take shape, remove and cook. Or, for even easier removal, simply line it with baking paper and pop out. You'll get the perfect burger patty every time. And if you've got a great patty, the rest of the burger follows. Maverick Slider Mini Burger Press features: Designed in Australia. Non-stick surface. Makes four evenly-sized slider burger patties. Hand wash in hot, soapy water. Presented in a Davis & Waddell box. Dimensions: 15cm (l) x 8cm (h) x 15cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
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  11. Kids love playing with toy trucks. They're fun to drive around, move things in.even join together. These gorgeous mini trucks are brightly coloured, very cute and totally kid-proof. They have fully moving parts, including wheels, ladders and diggers so they're fun to play with. And they're made from flexible, non-toxic plastic, so they're safe and durable indoors and out. But the best part is that these little fellas are dishwasher safe! Play with them on the lounge room floor, in the mud, in the sandpit, in the doesn't matter, because at the end of it all, they are easy to clean. It seems that the friendly folks at Viking Toys have thought of everything. Kids will love being creative and adventurous with these great trucks. The only limit is their imagination! Features: Designed in Sweden. Made from flexible child-safe plastic with stainless steel wheel axles. Trucks feature moving parts and can be hooked together to form a long chain. Materials designed to withstand play indoors and outdoors, and resist fading. Presented as a set of four trucks and one cart in a clear gift box. Dishwasher safe. Average Length: 10cm.
    + Shipping: $5.50
    (22% Off)
  12. American brand, That! creates innovative dining solutions with advanced technology with lifestyle aesthetics, along with great award-winning designs. They've been in business since 2014, revolutionising our kitchen equipment. When you wish to tuck into a steak, chicken or fish dish but it's in the freezer and you don't have the time or inclination to wait for the thawing process, you need the miraculous Thaw That Modern Defroster Tray. It's quick defrosting the natural way, enhancing the flavour of your frozen food and making for easier cooking. This Professional Defrosting Tray with its unique, highly thermal conductive metallic body provides ultra fast heat exchange. It defrosts in minutes and it's easy to use. Consider this instead of taking around 68 minutes to thaw, a steak takes just 22 minutes, while chicken, calculated at 54 minutes thawing time takes just 22 minutes. Thaw That! Modern Defroster Tray - when you lead a busy life but like to eat well. Thaw That! Modern Defroster Tray features: Crafted from aluminium with thermal liquid sealed inside with non-slip silicone feet. Concave surface directs melted liquid to built-in drip channel. Just take out and use without heating or soaking. Excellent for camping and boating trips. Presented in a Thaw That box with full instructions. Colour: Silver. Dimensions: 34.5cm (l) x 3cm (h) x 20.5cm (w).
    + Shipping: $5.50
  13. Forget supermarket-bought food, forget fast-food, forget restaurant food - nothing tastes as good as the food you make yourself! Marcato knows this, that's why the company has been helping aspiring and accomplished chefs make their own culinary creations at home for over 70 years. If you consider yourself a bit of a baking aficionado, and you love spending hours in the kitchen experimenting, then you will absolutely love Marcato's Dispenser/Shaker. This dispenser can be used for a whole host of culinary purposes, as a mesh top allows you to sift things like flour on your home-made pasta, cocoa on brownies and coffees, sugar on your cookies, and more. The dispenser has been expertly crafted from aluminium alloy for strength and durability and features an ergonomically shaped body for stable grip and a simple twist-off lid to make refilling a cinch. As a stylish finishing touch, a plaque on the front has been engraved with the word "Dispenser" in pretty italics. Now that all of your cooking pursuits have been made so easy, afternoon tea and dessert will be a winner at your house. In fact, you should be expecting a visit from the queen any day now. Dispenser/Shaker features: Made in Italy. Made from durable cast aluminium for strength. Simple twist-off lid for easy refill. Perfect for dispensing/shaking flour, sugar or cocoa. Plaque attached to front of dispenser reads "Dispenser" in pretty italic font. Hand wash recommended. Presented in a Marcato box. Colour: Silver Dimensions: 12cm (l) x 5cm (w)
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