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We might be living well into the 21st century, with satellites buzzing over our heads every other minute on a planet that's full to busting, but there's one little corner of it no-one's ever seen before. A mysterious new island has been discovered, and in Safar'Wii it's up to you to go off and document it for the TV show Animal News. Your editor wants photos! So it is that every day you'll head out into the island's wilderness and snap the pics that your editor wants, with your faithful companion Robomodo driving you around. While getting a few nice snaps sounds like easy work, however, the reality is far, far from it. You will drive around using your Wii Remote and Nunchuck, looking for clues that the animal you're after is nearby. It might be a dust cloud or it might be a water splash ? either way, you'll need to get as close as you can using items such as rain machines and disguises. With some creatures you'll need to build up their familiarity with you. Taking pictures will help, and ultimately you might be able to get close enough to touch or even carry them. It's important to get up close as the closer you get, the better the shot - and your pictures will be judged back at camp every day!

Type Game Simulation