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Nocs NS500012



Nocs NS500012 Head Phone

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NS500 ALUMINUMBUY The next-generation Nocs NS500 is a study in evolution. The aluminum housing that we debuted in 2008 has been continuously refined, to the point where it is now a CNC-machined, Chamfered-cut work of art. This superior approach to materials equates to a sound thats equally superior, supplying the listener with an amazing sonic experience that offers impeccable balance, rich detail and a deep bass in equal measure. Moreover, the NS500 is complimented by a tangle-free cable and a three-button remote for seamless iPod, iPhone and iPad control. The MEMS silicon microphone removes GSM/TDMA burst noise and picks up your speech 360 degrees. Four different-sized ear tips, one sets each to provide an excellent fit. Materials and design High-precision CNC Machining allows us to produce complex shapes that would be virtually impossible to achieve with standard machining. For the chamfer-cut edge, a precise angle lets us create the perfect design highlight. The aluminum housings sandblasted surface gives it superior scratch resistance and a smooth, even surface that enhances the high-polish edge. As usual, weve gone the extra mile to ensure that each NS500 component, from the Kevlar-reinforced cables to the noise-isolating silicon sleeves, is designed and manufactured for unparalleled durability and performance.

Design Ear Bud
Type Noise Canceling