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  1. A first in sporting literature, The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe is the largely untold history of Aboriginal involvement with the `world game’. Maynard examines an important aspect of our nation’s sporting history. The acceptance that Aboriginal players found within the post-World War II migrant communities had a profound impact on their life directions and outlook. The multicultural environment of Australian soccer after the war provided them with a haven from the prejudice and racism of wider Australian society. Interweaving personal narrative and extensive research with links to the broader Indigenous world community, Maynard’s book is a celebration of the extraordinary journey taken by Aboriginal sportsmen and women to forge the way ahead for the present crop of talented players. `This book is a first in sporting literature – the untold history of Indigenous Australians’ involvement in the world game. My wish is that The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe will have a profound effect on the game by encouraging the greater involvement of our first peoples.‘Football Federation Australia Chairman Mr Frank Lowy AC
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  2. `A camper is not just a camper. It’s whatever you want it to be.’ Introduced in the 1950s, the campervan has captured the hearts of people all over the world and become a much-loved symbol of travel and fun. Owners are extraordinarily passionate about their campers; some treat them as an extension of their home, others undertake epic journeys in them, across desert and sea, through Europe, Asia and Africa. Some strap surfboards to the roof and head for the nearest beach, while others soup up the engines and take them drag racing. All will spend hours restoring and customising them and even more talking about them with fellow bus owners. Campervan Crazy is a tribute to this passion, to the owners who have lavished time, effort and inspiration on their vans, and, of course, to the campervan itself. It traces the cult of the campervan, from family runabouts to holiday home and design icon. Above all else, the campervan is living history and you will find chapters dedicated to `births, marriages and deaths’, `wide-eyed wanderers’ as well as some `buses behaving badly’.
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