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The Top Mattresses Money Can Buy

4/10/2011 5:41:22 PM

There are those that believe that you should get the best mattress that money can buy, even if you need to finance it to afford it.

There are those that believe that you should get the best mattress that money can buy, even if you need to finance it to afford it. This might seem like a very unrealistic viewpoint, but there are people willing to pay any cost to get the best mattress money can buy. They believe their purchase is more like an investment in their own health, so they’re happy to buy the most expensive mattress they can find.

Keep in mind that the most expensive mattress is not necessarily the best mattress for you. It may also not be the best mattress for your health or your budget. The key to finding the best mattress for you is to research your options and look for a mattress that represents great value for your hard-earned money.

Following are some of the top mattresses that money can buy.



The company slogan is “The Most Comfortable Beds in the World.” This company is the royalty of bed makers. Their claim to fame is the Luxury Pocket spring bed, which they make by hand. They make their quality mattresses in the same way they’ve been making them for well over a century. 

Their craftsmen are very skilled at making deep pocket spring beds by hand, using traditional methods and blended with new technology. As a result, they are proud to boast “the most comfortable beds in the world.” The royal family use these luxurious beds in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle and Kensington Palace. The Hypnos brand has mattress lines such as Orthos Support Collection, the Heritage Collection and the Pillow Top Collection.


Vi Spring

The Vi Spring collections are mattresses that are made with luxurious materials such as silk, cashmere and Shetland wool. This company has been handcrafting mattresses for over a century. It has a huge reputation for creating mattresses that are very comfortable and relaxing. They make these with the best quality materials available. Amazingly, they make each individual mattress to order. 

Vi Spring makes some of the best pocket spring mattresses in the world. The Vi Spring mattress is both strong and soft. Only Vi-Spring provides this soft balance. Elegance, Supreme, Imperial and Distinction are just some of the mattresses that are specially tailored and made to order.



Duxiana, which is the youngest of the three selections, has been making beds for over eighty years. “The Dux” claims to “support every point on your body in a natural position.” The Dux provides a unique slant to their mattresses. They make each bed individually to order, but they also personalize each bed for the user. 

It uses technology that combines both the mattress and frame support in order to give you the perfect sleeping experience. The mattresses are made with materials such as latex, fine cotton and steel. These are all quality products that are durable and luxurious at the same time. The products range from the very strong to the very soft, but they combine in order to give you one of the best sleep surfaces available in the world. In addition, unlike some beds that run the course in a few years, The Dux has been known to last as long as fifty years. This finely crafted mattress will provide many nights of refreshing sleep.


Overall, all three of these mattresses are exquisite. They are literally the top of the line when it comes to mattresses. Whether it is for the Queen of England or just a beautiful and supportive mattress for your master bedroom, the Vi Spring, Hypnos and Duxiana mattresses are quality crafted and can stand the test of time. Since they handcraft each mattress from the best materials that money can buy, they are sure to guarantee a wonderful sleeping experience. All three mattresses are examples of stylish comfort at its best.


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