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  1. An easy to use, featured packed, scientific calculatorSpecifications:Display: LCDPower Source: 1 X AA BatteryDimensions(WDH): 20 x 78 x 155Weight: 100 gramsWarranty: 12 MonthsCalculator Type: Scientific CalculatorFeatures:Functions: 300 Functions, Fraction Calculations, combination and permutation, Statistics, 9 Variable memoriesideal for any student study years 7 through to 12 or University students
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  2. Ideal for the Home or officeSpecifications:Display: LCDPower Source: Dual power, solar and batteryDimensions(WDH): 31.7 x 103 x 145Weight: 100gramsWarranty: 12 MonthsCalculator Type: Basic CalculatorFeatures:Functions:Percentage, Tax and exchange,Great for the home or office
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  3. Casio Fx-9860g Au Calculator from
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  4. The FX-82AU PLUS II scientific calculator includes a new 'Prime Factorisation' function. The FX-82AU PLUS II incorporates all the features and operations of the existing FX-82AU PLUS and more.
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  5. Specifically designed for the Australian market and approved by the Board of Studies nationallySpecifications:Display: LCDPower Source: BatteryDimensions(WDH): 13.8 x 80 x 162Weight: 100 gramsWarranty: 12 monthsCalculator Type: Scientific CalculatorFeatures:Functions: memory, percentage and square root, profit margin calculationsideal for any student study years 7 through to 12 or University students
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  6. 64KRAM/800K flash memory, with fast CPU. TVM functions, spreadsheets, power of a complex number, dynamic geometry, fraction display within a matrix, view a derivative in a different way, logarithms, and much much more. USB connectivity to PC included with calculator. 2 Year Warranty.
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  7. The ClassPad series continues to evolve as the next generation machine is optimised for use in the classroom. The new fx-CP400 is the first ClassPad model to boast a 4.8 inch colour display. The fx-CP400 offers intuitive stylus and finger touch operation. It also supports horizontal screen view. Simply switch the display between vertical and horizontal screen views by a touch on the icon panel. Main features include: 4.8" colour display, Finger or stylus touch operation, Horizontal screen view and Simple, intuitive user interface. Hardware Specification: 4.8-inch Full-Color LCD Display 320 x 528 dots 65,536 Colors Four AAA-size alkaline batteries (LR03) Large, Touch panel operation with Stylus Software Specification: Powerful Graphing functions Natural Textbook Display Algebra / Statistics / Calculus / Geometry Spreadsheet Financial Application Differential Equation
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