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Players will now be able to experience the mysterious adventure aboard an all-new RMS Titanic, as Titanic Mystery sets its course for the Nintendo Wii. Titanic Mystery takes players aboard the luxurious craft exactly 100 years after the original ill-fated ocean liner left port. Shortly after setting sail, it is soon discovered that there are plans to blow up the ship, and it's up to the player to find the bomb and expose the culprit behind this potential disaster. Titanic Mystery lets players explore the ship, meet the crew and investigate a number of mysterious clues, while also learning the remarkable history and secrets of the original Titanic. Via hidden object and other minigame types, players can unravel the plot to sabotage the new craft, with elaborate twists that will keep players engaged for hours on end. Features: - Explore the ship and meet different members of the crew along the way - Investigate clues and get closer to uncovering the ultimate mystery - Search for hundreds of objects containing timeless secrets about the original Titanic - 30 intricate levels - 30 challenging mini-games

Type Game Adventure