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Olympus WS560M



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The WS-560M stereo recorder features a sleek design and allows you to choose your favourite colour - a choice of silver or blue guarantees you a stylish look at all times. It comes with 2GB of memory and offers unbeatable flexibility, with a choice of six recording qualities featuring Stereo XQ for highest quality and LP mode for more than 544 hours of digital recording. For even more flexibility its unique retractable high speed USB connector is the smartest available way to connect to a PC. While transferring your data, the battery is recharged - together with long battery life this recording device is the ideal solution for people on the move. As a dual function voice recorder, the WS-550M combines digital stereo recording with enhanced music playback functionality. Advanced noise cancellation technologies filter out any unwanted audio for crisp and clear sound in WMA format. Voice and low cut filters guarantee top-notch audio quality in any situation and environment. Boasting WMA, MP3 and WAV playback, the WS-550M is not only the perfect solution for note takers, but also for music lovers everywhere. For your favourite tunes, SRS WOW XT audio enhancement ensures a rich, panoramic three-dimensional music experience. The Olympus WS-550M is perfect for dynamic modern lifestyles, allowing users to travel light while they switch between business and pleasure at their convenience

Recording Format MP3, WAV, WMA