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Panasonic DMR-XW390



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Features: DMR-XW390 Panasonic DVD Disc Recorder with 500GB Hard Drive and Twin High-Definition Tuners Features SD Card Slot, Pause Live TV Ability, VIEra Link, VIEra Cast, DLNA as Server and more. TWIN HD TUNNER: Twin HD tuners in the DMR-XW390 means you can record two digital broadcasts simultaneously in Full High Definition while watching a movie, or a third channel via your TV tuner. If you don't have a digital TV, this also allows you to watch a digital broadcast and record it simultaneously. 500 GB HDD: The DMR-XW390, with 500 Gigabyte storage will allow you to keep up to 341 Hours of HD quality programs. The 7 day EPG makes it easy to program your recording so you don't miss your favourite shows. SD CARD SLOT: The DMR-XW390 also features an SD memory card slot, making it easy to playback and transfer HD movies and still images captured with your HD camcorder or digital still camera. PAUSE LIVE TV: With the Pause Live TV function, your favourite shows will always be right where you want them. You may need to leave the room, or answer the phone but that does not mean you will ever need to miss a great TV moment again with the DMR-XW390. VIERA LINK: A HDMI cable carries not only digital video and audio, but remote control signals too. That means you can use your DMR-XW390 remote control to operate other Panasonic equipment connected via HDMI.

Type DVD Recorder