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Panasonic DMREZ47



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Affirming its industry-leading position in recordable DVD products, Panasonic introduces the DMR-EZ47 - offering 1080p image quality in both recording and playback, easy operation, and improved networking capabilities. It comes equipped with the HDMI terminal, which allows easy, single-cable connection to compatible equipment. They also offer Panasonic's proprietary VIERA Link functions for linked operation of other AV devices, and these functions are now even more convenient. Beginning with the 2007 model year, it is now possible to control a DIGA recorder, when connected to a Panasonic VIERA TV, using VIERA's remote control unit. This provides convenient control over frequently used functions by using only VIERA's remote. By pressing the VIERA Link button on the remote, a DIGA menu screen can be accessed directly from the VIERA Link menu screen, to make recording settings or play a DVD. The DMR-EZ47 also offers improved image quality with 1080p technology. By combining intelligent i/p Conversion and 1080p Up-Conversion technologies, DIGA's 1080p technology renders high-resolution 1080p images from DVD movies and TV broadcasts. Also they are equipped with a new digital tuner that achieves stable signal reception even under poor signal conditions, such as when signals are reflected by surrounding buildings. The new tuner also prevents the generation of block noise. This optimises the high image and sound quality of digital broadcasts.

Type VCR Combo
Reads Mp3? Yes