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Panasonic HDCSD932



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Panasonic full-HD camcorders record horizontal pixels at an HD resolution of up to 1920 pixels, which results in a total of around 2,070,000 pixels. And with progressive scanning, our hi-def camcorders provide twice as much data per picture as conventional interlace scanning. This means you get breathtaking images with exceptional resolution and detail. Combine that with a 1080/24p format, which lets you capture scenes with a rich, film-like quality, and you can see why Panasonic full-HD camcorders take visual expression to the next level. With Face Detection -- offered for the first time for recording moving pictures with a video camera -- Panasonic makes it easy to capture beautiful faces and clear backgrounds even in dim or backlit scenes. This new function, which can detect up to five faces at once, automatically adjusts the exposure and smooths skin tones according to the ambient brightness, so faces are bright and easy to see. Resolution: 16:9 -- 520,000 pixels x 3 (Moving pictures / still picture). Optical zoom: 10x Variable speed zoom. Digital zoom: 25x - 700x (As digital magnification increases, resolution significantly decreases). Image Stabilizer: Yes Screen size: 2.7" Wide (300,000 Dots) Battery life: Lithium-Ion battery. Weight: About 275g (Body only) Size: 65 x 67 x 126 mm

Type Digital
Optical Zoom x 10
LCD Panel Size Inch 2.7