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  1. Panasonic PT EW730Z LCD Projector

    Lower Maintenance and Running Costs. High Brightness and Excellent Contrast. DICOM Simulation Mode. Inorganic LCD Materials Maintain High Brightness and Image Quality Longer. 360 Flexible Installation. Easy Remote Monitoring and Control over a LAN.

  2. Panasonic PT EX800ZE LCD Projector

    Despite its sleek and compact dimensions, the PT-EX800ze projector produces a class-leading 7,500 lm of brightness with a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. The iris automatically adjusts to suit ambient lighting conditions.

  3. Panasonic PT-EZ770Z Projectors

    • Up to 6,500 lm of brightness with a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. • Integrated DIGITAL LINK (transmits digital signals up to 100 m (328 ft) with a single cable) and DisplayPort Connections. • A dust-resistant cabinet design and an eco filter that needs no replacement for up to 15,000 hours. The usage environment affects the duration of the filter. • The Color Adjustment function allows you to easily correct for slight variations in the color reproduction range or individual units set up for multiple projection. • The Daylight View Basic function ensures clear images even in brightly lit rooms. • The Intelligent Lamp Control system effectively reduces power consumption. • Models without lenses and a wide selection of optional lenses are also available.

  4. Panasonic PT EX510EL LCD Projector

    Panasonic PT EX510EL projector, this is a compact yet powerful projector designed to light up lecture theaters and conference rooms with big, brilliantly detailed images in up to XGA resolution. Stellar picture quality combines with simple system integration and ultimate ease of use, while periodical maintenance has been pushed back further than ever before. Flexible, economical, and engineered for everyday reliability. The EX510EL serves up brilliant, punchy images even with the lights on. Text is sharp and clearly legible while graphics, photos, and video images are reproduced with a clean and natural vibrancy.

  5. Panasonic PT EX610E LCD Projector

    Panasonic PT EX610E, this compact yet powerful projectors are designed to light up lecture theaters and conference room. Their stellar picture quality, simple system integration and ulltimate ease of use combine with solid reliable.

  6. Panasonic PT EW540E LCD Projector

    The optical block of the PT-EW540E projectors maintains a high level of performance over time, due to the use of inorganic materials in the LCD panels and polarizers, thus achieving a replacement cycle of 20,000+ hours with high brightness and excellent picture quality. It also makes them the logical choice for a truly dependable LCD projector system.

  7. Panasonic PT EW640E LCD Projector

    Panasonic PT EW640E LCD projector, this compact yet powerful projector is designed to light up lecture theaters and conference rooms. It features stellar picture quality, simple system integration, and ultimate ease of use combine with solid reliability.

  8. Next generation of the DLP technology the PT-RZ870BE is delivering high resolution in detail and the dual laser modules outputting a brightness of up to 8500 lm (centre). Due to the quartet colour harmonizer the energy loss of the light source is reduced and the robust and heat resistant phosphor wheel the of the PT-RZ870BE produces scintillating images with unfailing reliability.

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  9. The Panasonic PT-DZ10K Series of 3-chip DLP projectors combine high levels of picture quality, reliability, function and system expandability into a compact body. Packed with original, advanced Panasonic technology, these projectors supply the !exibility to meet a wide range of applications. Advanced Geometric Adjustment, Portrait mode, 3D, New Lamp and Eco Filter

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