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Panasonic THL37V10A



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Full High Definition LCD Panel (1920 x 1080 Pixels) Panasonic's renowned Full High Definition TVs feature outstanding picture quality delivered through Full High Resolution Panels. Panasonic designs and manufactures LCD Panels and TVs Sets in-house to deliver superior quality. IPS Alpha Panel with a wide 178-degree viewing angle With the VIErA IPS Alpha LCD panel, colours appear rich and vivid even when viewed from a sharp angle. Everyone in the room gets a great view. The extra-wide viewing angle makes VIERA perfect when enjoying a movie with the whole family or when stretching out on the sofa all by yourself. Integrated High Definition Digital DVB-T Tuner Renowned for producing industry-leading HD Digital Tuners - Panasonic has incorporated a digital tuner into the Television for superior picture quality. The Television also features an analogue tuner. 100Hz Motion Picture pro Even fast-moving scenes are displayed sharply and clearly. The 100Hz technology increases the frame count to allow natural frame-to-frame transitions, for smooth motion images with high resolution. 20,000 Dynamic Contrast ratio Enjoy realistic starlit skies in your living room. Improvements in panel contrast and scene-adaptive contrast gamma correction have achieved a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1. The backlight tuning area is also expanded to achieve deeper blacks. Colour Matrix Arrangement Panasonic's accumulated know-how has made it possible to correct colours without causing colour deterioration. The colour density is optimised in the intermediate shades, and the colour levels that are close to saturation are finely adjusted to prevent colour deterioration. By retaining vivid colour shades, it faithfully reproduces even the finest image details.

Type Of Screen LCD
Screen Size inch 37
Digital TV Standard Full HD
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080