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  • Paradox Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Edition PC Game

    Developed by the Canadian studio Battlegoat studios, Supreme Ruler 2020 is a strategic and tactical geo-political game where direct control of the military and the policies of a nation becomes the key to survival. This Gold Edition includes both Supreme Ruler 2020 and the official expansion Global…

  • Paradox Defenders Of Ardania PC Game

    Defenders of Ardania (DoA) is a next-generation tower defense game set in the rich fantasy world of Majesty, but with a twist. Besides the addictive core mechanics of placing towers to stop advancing enemy units, DoA also allows players to take on the role of the attackers seeking to conquer the…

  • Paradox Interactive Pirates Of Black Cove PC Game

    Getting promotions within the pirate brotherhood requires force, daring, guile and even deceit. But be careful, because other pirates will be competing for promotions too in Pirates of Black Cove. However, bribery, favors and outright assassinations will ensure that you climb the ranks faster. Join…

  • Paradox Pride Of Nations PC Game

    Pride of Nations is a historical strategy game featuring a simultaneous turn-based engine, putting players at the head of the world's Great Powers between 1850 and 1920. Eight nations are playable in single-player and multiplayer -- USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Russia,…


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