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Pentax K200D



What we think

The K200D is very good. The interface might look basic, but the features aren't. The Kit lens is the draw back though. It's OK for the undemanding but you may want to consider a more expensive alternative like the 16-45mm, say, which will push the price up

Reasons to buy

  • + Extensive feature set
  • + Good pictures
  • + Robust build

Reasons to avoid

  • - Uses AA batteries
  • - Dodgy Kit lens
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Product Details


The K200Ds 14-bit A/D converter offers better processing capacity than conventional 12-bit converters with 4,096 gradations. It processes the analog signal transmitted by the large, high-performance CCD image sensor into digital data with 16,384 gradations, which is then sent to the PRIME imaging engine. The converter produces lively, fine-grained images with a delicate transition of tones. Built into the K200D is the high-performance PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine), which provides both exceptional image-processing speed and low power consumption, thanks to its advanced 90nm semiconductor technology. In addition, its DDR2 memory chip contributes to high-speed, 800MB-per-second data transmission. This means that PRIME can instantly process transmitted data into high-quality, high-resolution images with fine, natural gradations and faithful color reproduction.

Resolution MegaPixel 10.2
Storage Type Secure Digital
Camera Type SLR
Optical Sensor Optical Sensor CCD