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Philips SHL5605



Philips CitiScape Downtown SHL5605 Headphones

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Set yourself up with a Philips Headphone. Equipped with finely tuned 40mm drivers for clear and detailed sound, these Philip headset is perfect for those who love their music. Slip from music to phone calls easily with the built in mic and enjoy the tangle free cord on these Philips headphones Clear, Natural Sound Immersion with MusicSeal to Keep your Music Yours Inspired by New York and its smart-casual street style, the CitiScape Downtown makes it easy for you to keep it real. MusicSeal lets you keep your music to yourself, while the light spring steel with soft foam cushions ensures perfect comfort. Built in Microphone Your CitiScape headphones feature a built-in microphone so you can easily switch from listening to music to taking phone calls. It's a breeze staying connected with your music — and with the people who matter most to you. Clear and Natural Sound Immerse yourself in crystal clear sound infused with natural warmth, thanks to finely tuned 40 mm drivers. Supported by Philips' background in sound excellence, your CitiScape headphones are carefully engineered to reproduce clean, detailed yet natural sound for truly captivating music enjoyment on the move. MusicSeal Whether you're listening to the gnashing guitar riffs of a funk metal band or the lilting soprano of an opera diva, MusicSeal ensures that your CitiScape headphones let you keep your favourite music all to yourself. With double layered walls within the ear shell and secure edges between the headphone cushions and housing, this innovative feature seals in every beat. At the same time, ambient noise is prevented from seeping through and disrupting your music enjoyment.

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