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  1. Unique combined Sander/Vacuum design for minimal cleaning up Extendable handle from 1100 to 1800mm for hard to reach areas such as ceilings Features a massive 1800 watts of power Exclusive variable 6 speed motor (1000 to 1800 rpm) Clever pivot head for comfortable sanding Ergonomic soft grip handle with integrated controls Removable lip to enable sanding in corners Includes 12 BONUS sandingdiscs 1 Year Warranty
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  2. Genuine Unimac LARGE Sander Bag Combination of Plastic Fibres Secured with reinforced handles 153cm in length Reliable solid plastic zip Waterproof Compatible with DW-BIG
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  3. True-Blue Dust-free Series - Don't bite the dust with Inferior Products! Class Leading 800W Motor Adjustable articulating head for SUPERIOR manoeuvrability Fast variable speeds at 1000-2500RPM Sander pole length (1.6m approx.) Brush skirt to prevent scratching Rust-free aluminium pole body Robust, balanced solid construction Lightweight and portable, only 5kg BONUS! 11 SANDER DISCS - 2X MORE THAN OTHERS!!
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  4. Genuine Unimac Sander Bag Combination of Plastic Fibres Secured with reinforced handles 135cm in length Reliable solid plastic zip Waterproof Compatible with DW-SMALL
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  5. Non-slip Surface - Work Safely Folds Compact - for Easy Storage Lightweight - Easy to Carry
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  1. Few craft materials are cheaper to buy or easier to work with than plaster, and by mastering and using a few simple techniques you can turn this humble material into gloriously inspiring objects and artefacts. No expensive equipment is required – plaster dries naturally and does not need kiln-firing – so all you need to get started is a bag of plaster, a few simple materials and some basic shaping tools. The book shows how to make articles such as shells, fruit, animals, masks, wall plaques and bows; practical objects such as containers, candleholders, frames and bookends; and how to restore damaged frames. There is also advice on finishing techniques – from painting and gilding to weathering, distressing and varnishing. The book presents the craft of plastering in a beautifully inspirational form.
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  2. A highly detailed look at the English country house interior, offering unprecedented access to England’s finest rooms. In this splendid book, renowned historian Jeremy Musson explores the interiors and decoration of the great country houses of England, offering a brilliantly detailed presentation of the epitome of style in each period of the country house, including the great Jacobean manor house, the Georgian mansion, and the Gothic Revival castle. For the first time, houses known worldwide for their exquisite architecture and decoration—including Wilton, Chatsworth, and Castle Howard—are seen in unprecedented detail. With intimate views of fabric, gilding, carving, and furnishings, the book will be a source of inspiration to interior designers, architects, and home owners, and a must-have for anglophiles and historic house enthusiasts.The fifteen houses included represent the key periods in the history of English country house decoration and cover the major interior fashions and styles. Stunning new color photographs by Paul Barker-who was given unparalleled access to the houses-offer readers new insights into the enduring English country house style. Supplementing these are unique black-and-white images from the archive of the esteemed Country Life magazine. Among the aspects of these that the book covers are: paneling, textile hangings (silks to cut velvet), mural painting, plasterwork, stone carving, gilding, curtains, pelmets, heraldic decoration, classical imagery, early upholstered furniture, furniture designed by Thomas Chippendale, carved chimney-pieces, lass, use of sculpture, tapestry, carpets, picture hanging, collecting of art and antiques, impact of Grand Tour taste, silver, use of marble, different woods, the importance of mirror glass, boulle work, English Baroque style, Palladian style, neo-Classical style, rooms designed by Robert Adam, Regency, Gothic Revival taste, Baronial style, French 18th century style, and room types such as staircases, libraries, dining rooms, parlors, bedrooms, picture galleries, entrance halls and sculpture galleries. Houses covered include: Hatfield – early 1600s (Jacobean); Wilton – 1630/40s (Inigo Jones); Boughton – 1680/90s (inspired by Versailles); Chatsworth -1690/early 1700s (Baroque); Castle Howard – early 1700s (Vanbrugh); Houghton – 1720s (Kent); Holkham – 1730s-50s (Palladian); Syon Park – 1760s (Adam); Harewood – 1760s/70s (neo-Classical); Goodwood – 1790s/1800s (neo-Classical/Regency); Regency at Chatsworth/Wilton/C Howard etc – 1820/30s; Waddesdon Manor – 1870/80ss (French Chateau style); Arundel Castle -1880s/90s (Gothic Revival); Berkeley Castle – 1920/30s (period recreations and antique collections); Parham House – 1920s/30s (period restorations and antique collections). The range is from the early 17th century to present day, drawn from the authenticated interiors of fifteen great country houses, almost all still in private hands and occupied as private residences still today. The book shows work by twentieth-century designers who have helped evolve the country house look, including Nancy Lancaster, David Hicks, Colefax & Fowler, and David Mlinaric
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