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Plustek Opticfilm 7400 Scanner

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The Plustek OpticFilm 7400 Scanner is a dedicated 7200 dpi film and mounted slide scanner delivering better quality images, higher efficiency and power saving than the earlier 7300 model. With an improved white LED light source, the OpticFilm 7400 scans at 48-bit color for accurate and vibrant color images. To minimize noise, the multi-sampling function makes 4 scan passes that are averaged together so image noise is cancelled out. It has a multi-exposure function that is utilized with negative film to provide improved shadow and highlight detail and delivers images with richness and depth that makes your pictures look as if they are three dimensional. The 7400 comes with the very powerful SilverFastSE Plus (Multi-Exposure) software with scanning tools, editing, and color reproduction functions. This software is bundled with NewSoft Presto! Page Manager 7.1 for OCR, PDF creation, or format conversion to Word or Excel. It also comes with NewSoft Presto! ImageFolio 4.5, a comprehensive multimedia image-processing program for image fine-tuning. OpticFilm 7400s performance and powerful software package make it a great solution for photographers at all experience levels. By pushing the Quickscan button, the device launches the scan without manipulation to the image, such as dust and scratch removal. This is the faster of the two scanning methods. When you push the IntelliScan button, the included SilverFast software is launched so you can make the optimal adjustments to the image.

Resolution DPI 7200
Color Depth BIT 48
Interface USB2