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  1. The versatile, universal pond pump.Features & Benefits:Fresh or Salt Water Spongeless: Rotor with ceramic inserts rotating around the ceramic shaft to minimise wear.Double grid protection system combines effective filtration and low maintenance.Vortex Impeller, reduces the need of maintenance and protects the rotor in dirty water environment.Extremely quiet: silent operation guaranteed by special insulation of the rotor.Wide range of jets included.T-piece included, to adjust the flow and divert a part of it to a waterfall or another application.Fountains: its spongeless operation make Easy Jet an ideal low maintenance fountain pump.Waterfalls: the pump can power a waterfall, thanks to its diverter.Dirty water pump for filtration systems: Vortex rotor allows the pump to operate in conjunction with a biological or a pressurised filter.Specifications:100w Power4900 L/Hour Max3.5M Max Head
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  2. Set and forget with this solar-powered pump that will water your plants as much as they need when they need it.Features and BenefitsHang it in the sun and the chip-controlled pump will come on every 3 hours. It waters more when it’s sunny and less when it’s raining – perfect delivery.Use a WaterWand for your herb, vegetable or flower beds, for pots, hanging baskets, in a greenhouse or even for hydroponics.Delivers water through drippers, dripline or seephose. Use water from your tank, or even a bin.Go on holiday without worrying. You don’t even have to ask the neighbours.Waters up to 24 pots, 8 hanging baskets or 3m2 garden bedIncludes anti-siphon device and 12 dripper irrigation kitMax Height watered: 4.5 mLength of dripper line: 12 m
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  3. The SPLASH 1/2008 is a surface-mounted aerator which oxygenates and destratifies by drawing water through a central column and dispersing a plume of water skyward.
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  4. The SPLASH 1/2001 is a surface-mounted aerator which oxygenates and destratifies by drawing water through a central column and dispersing a plume of water skyward.
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  5. A complete set of new rubber washers, O-rings & springs plus silicon lubricant. Replaces kits Z4313 & Z56H to suit: Hozelock Pressure Sprayer 3L-4443 Hozelock Pressure Sprayer 5L-4445 Hozelock Pressure Sprayer 8L-4448 Hozelock Promo Sprayers 4005, 4007 & 4010 Hozelock Killaspray Pressure Sprayer 3L - 4513 Hozelock Killaspray Pressure Sprayer 5L - 4515 Hozelock Killaspray Pressure Sprayer 8L - 4518 Hozelock Courier Pressure Sprayer (1997 model) - 4043 Hozelock Courier Pressure Sprayer (1997 model) - 4045 Hozelock Portashower 5 -4140 Hozelock ASL-4127 Very early Hozelock models 4036, 4038, 4047, 4058, 4530. 2008 models 4605, 4607, 4610, 4905, 4907, 4910 Please lubricate seals with silicon O-ring grease such as Molykote 111. Avoid petroleum jelly.
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  6. Supplying 75% of the garden watering market in Great Britain The robust metal & plastic gun combines an Ultra Tough zinc alloy body with comfortable soft touch ergonomics for use as a class-leading jet & spray gun. This spray gun is delightful to use & classed as a quality garden watering tool with a no-hassle 3-year warranty. Commonly sort after for heavy duty use in: Commercial nurseries Concrete batching plants Commercial food preparation areas for washing down with hot water. The handle is well insulated. Workshops Features: Die-cast metal body provides exceptional strength. Soft touch elastomer coating makes the gun extremely durable & comfortable to hold. The gun features a 3/4" BSP female tough plated removable male metal male inlet click-on end. Trigger lock. Rear flow control. Features jet, cone & fast-fill spray options making it ideal for all cleaning tasks. Weight: 520g Maintenance tip: A squirt of Spray Silicon Oil down into the inlet as required will maintain seals and keep the gun trigger functioning perfectly. Warranty: 3 years against faulty manufacture
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  7. The Pine Wood Outdoor Garden Trolley is a fun and unique way to display your favourite flowers! Perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor garden Rustic look Multiple levels to display a variety of flowers If you are looking for the perfect addition to spice up your garden than look no further than the Pine Wood Outdoor Garden Trolley. Its multiple layers let you mix and match your flowers to display them in a way that is uniquely yours. Finally, the beautiful rustic design will compliment any garden and allow you to showcase your garden in a fun, new way that will surely have family and friends enjoying your garden for years to come.
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  8. Bring true beauty to your backyard with the Fountain Pond Pump, which continuously spouts water upwards to give your pond a unique flair. Submersible pump for ponds and water features A powerful pump with a maximum head height of 1.95 metres Clever design that is extremely durable and low maintenance Perfect for ponds, fountains and aquariums Ideal for both fresh and marine water 24V low voltage pump – transformer included Capacity to pump 1000 litres per hour Cord length: 5 metres Help your backyard pond or water feature look its best with this powerful accessory; capable of pumping water to astounding heights of up to 1.95 metres! With the Fountain Pond Pump, you can create a stunning water feature that is not only easy to set up, but looks spectacular as well! Clever design Equipped with a premium water resistant ceramic shaft, the Fountain Pond Pump offers an energy efficient means of sprucing up your backyard pond, fountain or aquarium. With just one moving component, this amazing pump is both durable and low-maintenance, requiring no lubrication – just an occasional clean of the filter.
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  9. A low voltage, energy efficient pump with flow adjuster, the PLV Series is suitable for both fresh and marine water. It is pefect for use in aquarium, water garden fountain and waterfall applications.Features and Benefits:Durable constructionFlow control adjusterEnergy efficientOptional in-line use (For models PM700PLV and above only)Easy installationComes with 5m cableSuitable for salt water applicationsEach unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operationEncapsulated epoxy resin motor ensures safety, reliability and durabilityComplete with Low Voltage Weather-proof transformerWarranty: 2 Years
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  10. Use the sun to run your garden pond, water feature or outdoor aquarium.Each pump has it's own solar panel and cable ready to be set up standalone without wiring or need for a professional installer.FeaturesVoltage: 12VConsumption: 2.4 wattsFlow rate: 200 litres/hourOutlet size: 8mmCable length: 2mDimensions:Solar panel: 308(L) x 166(W) x 25(H) mmPump assembly: 42(L) x 39(W) x 28(H) mm
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  11. Run your water feature on renewable energy during bright sunlight, then at night or when overcast draw down on electricity stored in your solar charged battery - all at zero cost. Reliable, quiet and great performance.Solar Pump Kits IncludeHigh Quality Brushless Pump with 5m cable (see range below)Quality batteries in weatherproof casesHigh Performance German made Solar Panels with support spikeFountain Nozzles (except RSFB2500)Float pad, spare impeller, shaft and o-ringFeatures and BenefitsBattery run time from 3.5 to 7 hoursAdjustable voltage ouput on battery determines timeEliminates the need for an electrician to install the unit, cutting costsZero energy costsSalt Water CompatibleFlow AjustmentRun Dry ProtectionFull 2 year replacement warranty
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  12. Run your water feature on renewable energy at zero cost during daylight hours. Reliable, quiet and delivering good performance.Solar Pump Kits IncludeHigh Quality Brushless Pump with 5m cable (see range below)High Performance Solar Panels with support spikeFountain Nozzles (except RSF2500)Float Pad, Spare Impeller, shaft and o-ringAlternative Kits with Battery Storage are also available for operation after the sun goes downFeatures and BenefitsEliminates the need for an electrician to install the unit cutting costsZero energy costsFoam Free Filter Cages for low maintenanceSalt Water CompatibleFlow AjustmentRun Dry Protection
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  13. Featuring a powerful and energy efficient rotor, this durable pond pump offers longer operating life and is suitable for both fresh and marine water. Can be used in aquarium, water garden fountain and waterfall applications.Features and Benefits:Durable constructionEnergy efficientOptional in-line useEncapsulated epoxy resin motor ensures safefy, reliability and durabilityEasy installationComes with 10m cable & flow adjusterSuitable for non-submersible and salt waterEach unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operationComplete pump kit with fountain heads - Fountain kits will vary depending upon pump models.
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  14. Price listed is for full 30m roll or coil. Specifications Crush resistant rigid PVC reinforced outer spiral Soft PVC flexible wall structure Kink resistant Suitable for low pressure water such as from pond pumps For protection and covering of pipes for delivery of gas passing throughsolid, brick walls, walls of prefabricated panels and slabs according toUNI CIG 71 29. Conduit with right hand pitch and crush resistant helix made of self-extinguishingmaterial according to UL94 VO. Dimensions. Internal Diameter: 19mm External Diameter: 24mm
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  15. A set of three new rubber O-ring seals plus strainer/filter to suit early model Hozelock Knapsack Lance Handle Trigger Assembly Z42114 only. The O-ring seals fit the 4105 unit as well, but the plastic assembly fits the Z42114 unit only. Suits: Hozelock Premium Plus Knapsack Sprayer Professional 16L - 4816 Hozelock Knapsack Sprayer Professional 20L - 4820 Hozelock Knapsack 12L - 4522 Hozelock Knapsack 16L - 4526 Remove the O-ring seals and they will fit the piston assembly of the later model Lance Handle Trigger Assembly 4105 Hozelock Killaspray - 4612, 4616, 4812 Hozelock KillaSpray Plus 4905, 4907, 4910, 4912 & 4916 models Hozelock Backpack Pressure Sprayer Plus 16L - 4716 Hozelock Backpack Pressure Sprayer Plus 12L - 4712 Please lubricate seals with silicon O-ring grease such as Molykote 111. Avoid petroleum jelly.
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  16. This is a non-genuine product made in China to our specifications. It suits the following filters: Bioforce 9000 - 1304 Bioforce 9000UVC - 1314 Includes fine, medium and coarse foam discs Nominal dimensions of each foam: 300mm diameter x 50mm thick x 60mm bore Shrinkage - Please note: All filter foams may shrink in time. You can quickly return the foam to it's original shape by passing over the cleaned foam a hot blast of air from a hair drier or hot air gun.
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  17. Suits Hozelock Bioforce 12000UVC - 1386 model. Easy to install - the wires are removed by pushing a very small screwdriver into the slot to release the terminal connector. Insert wires by simply pushing them into the terminal.
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  18. Genuine Fiskars Spare Parts to keep your garden tools in perfect working order. Suits: Fiskars Power-lever Telescopic Lopper - 91686935 Dimensions:Blade length: 160mmHole centres: 75mm 500g Shipping Fee($6.95) for this item alone.
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  19. Well respected brand of pond equipment from China Ideal for use as a pump to a water feature, waterfall and/or biological UVC filter.New latest electronic technology. Very low power consumption - ONLY 77W for 8000L/hr & Max head 3.8m performance Features: Vortex impeller solids handling pump- will allow particles of 6mm grading to pass through. Extremely quiet heavy duty electronic INVERTER TECHNOLOGY motor Ceramic magnetic rotor with 9mm diameter ceramic shaft & bearings - no corrosion in fresh or marine salt water Suitable for both submersible and inline flooded suction applications Performance (Note: 1000L/hr flow creates a 100mm wide unbroken watercourse over a flat surface): Max Flow (zero lift): 8000L/hr Max Flow (1.0m lift): 6600L/hr Max Flow (2.0m lift): 5000L/hr Max Flow (3.0m lift):2800L/hr Max lift: 3.8m (giving zero flow) Power consumption & Voltage: 77W / 240V Electronic re-settable thermal overload protected motor. Cable length: 4.9m Inlet and outlet: 1 1/4" BSP Male thread (41.9mm OD), supplied with 1 x stepped-down adaptor for 20mm, 25mm, 32mm. Note: 40mm soft tubing could be forced over the threaded outlet. Slide-off removable base with rubber feet Dimensions: (LxWxD): 220 x 106 x 137mm Weight of pump: 2.5kg Warranty:2 years (Motor only).Country of manufacture: China
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  20. Air Pressure Release Valve set to suit the following Hozelock Sprayers: Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer 5L - 4505 Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer 7L - 4507 Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer 10L - 4510 Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer Plus 5L - 4705 Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer Plus 7L - 4707 Killaspray Garden Pressure Sprayer Plus 10L - 4710 Viton Sprayer 5L - 5505 Viton Sprayer 7L - 5507 Viton Sparyer 10L - 5510 See our full range of Hozelock Garden Sprayers. To see our stocked spare parts for your model enter the first 4 or the only 4 numbers shown as the model no. on the side of the bottle/container into the search field on this page (e.g. 4507)
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