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POS Accessories honeywell psu ac printpad

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  1. Highlights INTERMEC PSU AC CK3X/CN50 12V Dimensions: 25cm x 8cm x 8cm Weight: 0.2kg
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  2. Highlights Honeywell Voyager 1450g 2D USB Kit and Stand Dimensions: 10cm x 15cm x 25cm Weight: 0.7kg
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  3. Highlights HONEYWELL SCAN LAS VOYAGER BT 1202G USB KIT BLK Dimensions: 14cm x 15cm x 0cm Weight: 0.5kg
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  4. Highlights Honeywell Orbit MS7120 USB BLACK LASER SCANNER Dimensions: 13cm x 20cm x 25cm Weight: 0.7kg
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  5. Highlights Honeywell Orbit 7190g 7190G-2USBX-0 USB Kit 1D PDF 2D B ORBIT 7190g USB 3m STRAIGHT CABL MOUNT PLATE Weight: 1.0kg
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  6. Highlights Honeywell PC42DLE033016 KIT 4ips AS Black ROW USB/SER/NET 203 PC I Weight: 1.0kg
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  7. Highlights Honeywell IMAGER 2D VOYAGER 1452G BT USB KIT BLK Dimensions: 23cm x 13cm x 15cm Weight: 0.7kg
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  8. Highlights INTERMEC PSU AC CN50MD/CN3SD/PB5X/SR61BAT RGHT ANG Dimensions: 7cm x 8cm x 26cm Weight: 2.0kg
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  9. Highlights Honeywell Dolphin CT50 USB Adapter 5V DC Input Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm Weight: 3.0kg
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  10. Highlights MOTION PSU DC AUTO 11-32V LIND Weight: 1.0kg
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  11. The Honeywell 2.93kW Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect unit to help with the summer heat. With the ability to both cool and dehumidify large areas it can provide long lasting relief. Also, thanks to the auto-evaporation system you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted relief without buckets to empty or water to drain. Adjustable temperature from 16 to 32 degrees 3 functions: cooling, fan and dehumidification Programmable timer for 24-hour energy saving Portable design to allow for use where needed Very quiet during operation This Honeywell 2.93kW Portable Air Conditioner can cool an impressive 350 sq. ft. while maintaining its quiet operation. Utilising an environmentally-friendly refrigerant (R410A) you can keep cool without feeling guilty! Coming with everything you need, including a flexible exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit, the Honeywell 2.93kW Portable Air Conditioner is easily portable making it extremely convenient. You won’t have to worry about those hot summer days ever again.
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  12. Highlights Honeywell CT50 Desktop Dock 1-Bay Kit Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm Weight: 3.0kg
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  13. Highlights ZEBRA PSU DC DIRECT AUTO MICRO USB COMM Weight: 1.0kg
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  14. Highlights INTERMEC PSU DC AUTO DIRECT CN50/CN51 Dimensions: 17cm x 17cm x 5cm Weight: 0.3kg
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  15. MacLocks Slide Basic iPad Air/Air 2/ Pro 9.7 POS Stand- Black Our first option for securing an iPad Air/Pro Point-of-Sale is the SLIDE Basic, integrating our iPad Air POS enclosure with a simple stand for standard POS functionality. The SLIDE Basic offers an easy display solution as a POS register and will fit in to all retail settings. All SLIDE enclosures have open access to the inputs so that you can implement a variety of card readers and peripherals. Almost every card reader will fit with the SLIDE Basic including Square, PayPal Here, ID Tech Shuttle, ID Tech Unimag I and II, Magtek iDynamo and uDynamo, and many more. Our POS enclosures are constructed of high-grade aluminum making it tough and durable while still being lightweight. The SLIDE Basic can be secured to a table or locked from behind with a cable lock so you can feel comfortable leaving it in any situation. Because this is your business we are talking about our iPad Air POS enclosure has a ventilated back to make sure your device won’t overheat and crash. Slide Basic POS Enclosure Specs: • Compatible with iPad Air / Air 2 / Pro 9.7 • Length: 9.64 inches • Width: 9.64 inches • Depth: 1.18 inches Slide Basic Base Specs: • Length: 4.76 inches • Width: 6.3 inches • Mounting Holes situated 2.12 and 5.03 inches apart **SECURITY CABLE LOCK NOT INCLUDED***
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  16. Highlights IN WIN 160W Auto range Act PFC PSU for BM639 BM648 Dimensions: 18cm x 6cm x 5cm Weight: 0.3kg
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  17. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Ship : Paperback : Orion Publishing Co : 9781780227344 : 1780227345 : 10 Mar 2016 : 'THE HUNGER GAMES meets the London riots on board Noah's Ark' THE TIMES Includes reading group notes and a fascinating glimpse into Lalla's childhood in the short story prequel 'The Time Being'.
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  18. Casecom Power Supply 700W PSU 5*IDE+20-4PIN+3*S,2YR WARRANTY
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  19. Highlights Antec VP600P 600w PSU MEPS compliant Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm Weight: 3.0kg
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  20. HTC Large Leather Slip Pouch (PO S650) - Black Made from top quality material, the HTC pouch will keep your phone protected and looking stylish both in and out of the case, easy to use and handy, the pull-tab helps you quickly access the phone. To release just pull the tab and the phone slides outwards and upwards. Slim, lightweight and with a low profile, it fits your HTC Handset perfectly
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  21. Highlights Antec VP500P 500w PSU MEPS compliant 2 Years Warranty Dimensions: 12cm x 22cm x 23cm Weight: 0.2kg
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  22. Highlights Cooler Master Thermal Master 420W OEM PSU POWER SUPPLY UNIT Dimensions: 8.3cm x 18.6cm x 15.5cm Weight: 1.0kg
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  23. Highlights Thermaltake Tough Power Gold 550W PSU – 80 Plus Gold Active PFC 5 Years WTY MEPS compliant Dimensions: 12cm x 22cm x 28cm Weight: 2.6kg
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