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Princess Marina de Bourbon Prince Noir 100ml EDT



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In the spirit of tradition and identity and with a retrospect of Princess Marina de Bourbon's family history, creations that are designed and offered intertwine with royal motifs formed according to her style and sophisticated taste. In 2007, the Black and White Prince were joined to the fragrancy partiture a variety of leather objects, inevitable luxury perfumes and jewelry created after her design. They can be found in her „Boutique“ in Paris, where luxury clothing items and shoes are sold. Princess Marina de Bourbon introduced her two editions of perfumes for men, which are very special and named Prince Noir and Prince Blanc. The luxury editions coloured in black and white represent two men, seen as princes of the modern age, variation of ruler and romantic. The Black Prince – Prince Noir is imposing, energetic and swift, attracts magically and rules over laws and people in all his glory and power. He conquers everything around himself, he is a master of his own destiny. Being strong and handsome, Prince Noir unifies masculine, mysterious and stict lines in a passionate elixir of success, available in an elegant black bottle containing 50 or 100 ml edt.

Type Eau De Toilette
Fragrance size 3-3.9 oz (87-116ml)