DreamCatcher Interactive Neverend

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DreamCatcher Interactive Neverend PC Game
Discovering the background of Agavaen, and determining her final personality is one of the main purposes of the game, which continuously appears as the principal plot is being resolved. There is a predefined part of this development, comprising mainly the revealing of the characters backgrounds and her transformation from a charming, yet rather unimportant magic-using girl heretic into a true ancient fairy, a divine being of some unexpected powers. This story is dosed and offered to the player in small fragments and their composition do not allow player to capture the entire complexity and sense of the whole until the game is nearing its final stages. There is plenty of room for anticipation of things to come and opportunities for further research of the past also are abundant. The concept is to give every player the main answers needed for the understanding of the story without forcing him to be too much concerned with completing the puzzle. Features: - Battle your way through legions of challenging enemies Create numerous devastating spells with the custom rune system - Uncover different storylines based on how you play the game - 3 levels of difficulty - Build a powerful character with experience points gained through battle and by successfully completing your quests. Purchase rare armor upgrades and potions with gold that you collect along the way. - Arm yourself with powerful weapons and magical spells
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