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Bose QC35

Bose QC35

Corporate style, super sound


Although Bose has released its QC35II headphones, there’s not much difference between those and the previous QC35. In fact, the QC35 are our bargain pick. They’re still a premium pair of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones and they sound pretty awesome, too.

Plug in the included 3.5mm cable to connect them to your audio player and you’ll extend the battery life beyond the respectable 20 hours to 40. Bose has hardwired the battery inso these 'phones will jostle with your smartphone for time on the micro USB charger. Not that you'll want to take them off.

The headband never pinched during our time testing, and the cups themselves are well padded, firmly securing around the edge of your ears to minimise leakage. It's only at high volumes that music spills out of the sides, but at that point you might want to see your doctor about hearing loss. The drivers never get squirrely when pushed to their limit with a flat equaliser, and it was only when we nudged up the backend and the top ranges on the equaliser that the started to wobble. Otherwise, it's all very capable and refined.

However, this year there's another contender coming to beat Bose at its game - the Parrot Zik 3.0, a set of avant garde headphones with all the trimmings. While the Parrot's design might polarise audiences, it shows the Bose up for playing it safe. The Zik's have a smart app that controls the level of noise cancelling depending on the situation, and the touch sensitive headphone smartly pause music when you take them off your skull. The Bose's need to be monitored, and the design is very corporate in comparison. Plain design aside, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the QC35s.


Verdict: Offer close to total silence when the noise cancelling is on, and the battery life is incredible. They even make your music sound good too.

Score: 4.5

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