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Point and print - The return of the polaroid camera


Have you hopped on the polaroid camera bandwagon? The demand for retro style effects in photography has skyrocketed in recent years; your Instagram feed is probably flooded with grainy, polaroid-style images. Leading the retro evolution is Instax, Fujifilm’s brand for instant cameras.Instax allows you to shoot a picture and produce a beautiful color print, all of these in one chic-looking snapper. Who says film cameras are dead? They’re now more fashionable than ever.


Instax has two different types of film cameras – instax mini and the instax WIDE. Instax mini is perfect for your daily use. The instax mini 50S and instax mini 90 has the classic camera design, but its features, including high-performance flash, and blur-free action shots, are certainly not old school. If you are looking for a cuter, poppier design, instax mini 8 is the one for you. Now available in seven colors!

The instax WIDE, on the other hand, uses film twice the size of the mini models which is perfect for group shots in your parties! Whatever your needs may be, Instax is the perfect camera for you to get that instant snap.