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Three-dimensional gaming on the go.

Nintendo 3DS


With the original Nintendo DS, the house that Mario built redefined portable gaming forever. Thanks to its innovative dual-screen design and touchscreen capabilities, the world of video game design was suddenly opened up in a way that had never been seen before — the possibilities were endless. So how do you follow up such a game-changing handheld device? Take it to the third dimension, that’s how!


In many ways, the Nintendo 3DS is a lot like its predecessor, sharing a similar foldable form factor and once again providing a stylus for that added level of player interaction. However, its innovation did not stop at its ability to let players see their games in 3D without the need for special glasses — it also brought Nintendo’s handheld business into the online era, allowing players to download new titles from the Nintendo eShop and play competitively against their friends. On top of this, the handheld’s wireless functionality allowed player avatars to visit other 3DS consoles when passed in the street, providing gamers with a safe and friendly community experience.


Perhaps one of the Nintendo 3DS’s biggest innovations came with the inclusion of NFC technology in its newer models. Players could now purchase highly-collectible amiibo figurines of their favourite Nintendo characters and place them on their 3DS units, instantly bringing new and exciting functionality into the gameplay experience.


Should you buy it? If you love games and want a portable console with an absolutely enormous library of classic titles (reaching back into the original Nintendo DS era thanks to backwards compatibility), there’s no better option than the Nintendo 3DS. It also comes in a wide variety of models and price points, meaning there’s a Nintendo 3DS console out there for everyone — even people who don’t aren’t interested in the handheld’s 3D functionality in the slightest.


Verdict: No gaming collection is complete without Nintendo’s most prolific handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. Though its graphical capabilities are a little long in the tooth, there’s no denying the wealth of classic titles available to the device.


Score: 4 out of 5


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