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Xbox One

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In order to compete with the long line of Sony PlayStation consoles, Microsoft released its answer to the PS4 around the same time in 2013 – the Xbox One. This console carried on much of the promise of the previous Xbox 360 but with a completely revamped aesthetic and upgraded everything. Along with the new Microsoft console came a range of new Xbox-exclusives like Titanfall and Sea of Thieves, as well as returning heroes in Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War saga and Master Chief from the Halo franchise.


Much like Sony’s Playstation, the Xbox underwent a transformation some three years after release, as Microsoft announced the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S features the same processor, GPU, and 500GB or 1TB hard drive configurations as the original. While retaining many of its features and internal specs, the Xbox One S became much smaller (way more of a leap than Sony saw with its console change) and somehow managed to fit the external power brick inside the unit. The Xbox One S also added a built-in IR blaster so you can turn on your TV and console with one click of the remote, introduced 4K upscaling, allowing 1080p games to be displayed in a pseudo 4K resolution, and also upgraded the original console’s DVD player into a 4K Blu-Ray and DVD compatible media hub.


If the Xbox One S isn’t enough, Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro is the Xbox One X – the world’s most powerful gaming console. With that said, for the prices that the Xbox One S is going for at the moment, it’s worth the outlay just for the Ultra HD Blu-Ray player alone, let alone the excellent console and compatible games that the system offers.


Verdict Given the incredible prices you can score an Xbox One S for, it’s a no-brainer really — get yourself a 4K Blu-Ray player capable of playing some of the best games available today.

Score 4.5 / 5


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