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  1. The leading family communications game. Players progress along the playing board as they answer Christian themed questions such as, What are the four most important things in your life and What do you think life would be like in 100 years?
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  2. Bring family & friends together to recall and share their lifestories. An enjoyable pastime with surprising and revealing results, this storytelling game is a way to warm up a family gathering, rekindle a friendship or renew histories. While playing this game, generations of family and friends will talk, laugh and share opinions together as they recall memories, reveal hopes and dreams in response to stimulating questions. An ingenious game that opens a pathway to each other#s heart and soul. Lifestories encourages self-expression, affirmation, creative thinking, problem solving and team work! Includes 3 additional card decks with questions related to the christian faith. 2 to 8 players.
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  3. SAGA Christian Faction Dice Only from Mighty Ape
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  4. Saga Crescent & Cross Christian Fatigue Tokens Only from Mighty Ape
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  5. Designed to revive The Art of Conversation®, TAOC® is a fabulous way to have balanced, interesting and meaningful communications. This Christian Edition follows on from the success of the original TAOC® games, and is an innovative, inspiring and multi-purpose resource for exploring faith, life and relationships from a Christian perspective. Included is an instruction booklet, as well as over 300 areas of discussions. TAOC® Christian is co-authored by Ross Bowerman. As well as being a psychologist and teacher, Ross is the Head of Biblical Studies and Head of Science at Belmont Christian College, Australia. Use TAOC® Christian to discover, share and discuss in ways that enlightened and entertain, by encouraging clear communication and respectful listening. Gain new insights by experiencing a multitude of enriching opportunities to grow, learn and celebrate. TAOC® Christian works well on all levels and in a variety of environments, ranging from small groups, bible study, fellowship, education, and home use.
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  6. Anglo-Saxon - Christian Priest II Only from Mighty Ape
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