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Embark on a journey to rediscover and learn the lost Ancient Fighting Arts of Westoria Kingdom, a land plagued by a legion of undead and monstrous soldiers, ruled by a nefarious Demon Lord. Legend foretells a hero who will rise up and wield the powers of the lost Fighting Arts to destroy the bringer of death, restoring peace to a once beautiful and great kingdom. * Choose your Fighting Style Discover over 60 different fighting styles across 8 lost Ancient Fighting Art schools. Become a balanced warrior and study techniques from all 8 schools or become a specialist and dedicate your focus to one of the lost Fighting Arts. * Epic Battles Wage battles against legions of different creatures, including undead soldiers, mutated monsters, and even an army of ancient automatons brought to life by dark magic. Strategy in battle is the key to survival. * Choose your Hero 3 Races and 3 Classes to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. * Epic Journey Uncover the conspiracy to release the Demon God from his sealed prison * Choose your Weapon Choose from hundreds of different types of weapons, armor, and equipment and upgrade them as you progress through your adventure. * Epic Multiplayer Adventure Battle the Demon Lords minions alone or join forces with up to 2 other friends via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Type Game Role Playing