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RAE The Waterhorse Legend Of The Deep



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A lonely boy vows to protect a rapidly growingnhatchling that emerges from a mysterious egg foundnon the shores of a Scottish loch. As the bizarre newnlife form begins to grow at an alarming rate, it soonnbecomes obvious that he will not be able to keep it ansecret for very long.nnTo coincide with the feature film release in Januaryn2008, comes this brilliant interactive adventure. Joinnyoung Angus in his journey of discovery and growth asnhe sees the little water horse hatch, learn to swim andngrow rapidly into a huge and unique beast that mustnescape to the open sea.nnPlay on land and in the water as Crusoe, the Water-nHorse, as he finds his flippers and learns to swimnthrough the loch with grace and style, performingnamazing special moves. Help Angus look after, protect and nurture his highly unusual pet. Sneak aroundnthe grounds of the house, dodging nefarious foes, be it man, dog or even Angus Mum! Let your inner childnrun free and embrace this heart-warming and endearing tale of a unique friendship against tremendous odds.

Type Game Action Adventure