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  1. Replacement for the PX-700 The difference to the PX-700 is that the PX-900II Thermal Receipt Printer has the ability to print from the front of the printer or the top, quieter printing, spill resistance and a cable cover. It is the best choice for hospit

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  1. Description : 58 mm USB Small Bills Thermal Dot Receipt Printer + One Free Paper Roll Full Features : Built-in data buffer (when printing can receive print data). Optional communication interface : parallel port or serial port. Enlarged character printing, adjustable characters for line spacing.…

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  2. Features: - With the plug connection, the wiring is stable, the replacement is convenient, and the replacement heating head is damaged directly. - The white high-temperature Teflon wire - 200-degree resistance to high temperature - According to your need to use the Teflon line Specifications: 1.…

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  3. 3D Printer Heating Bed Reprap Toughened Glass Plate 200 * 213mm Suitable for heating circuit board of reprap machine Specifications: Size: 213 x 200 x 3mm Material: Toughened glass Color: Transparent Features: High transparency. When heated, the adhesive force is good, and the plastic parts are…

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  4. (Notes: We will send the new and old version of printer randomly, the difference between them is the color of apperance, thank you for your understanding.) Features: 1. Printing size: 115 x 65 x 155mm, meets your daily demands 2. 2.8-inch touch screen provides you real-time printing status 3.…

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  5. 3D Printer Extruder Single Nozzle 12V 24V Thermistor Print Head Thermistor Feature: Nozzle diameter: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm Optional Motion shaft speed: 40mm Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h Print Material: ABS, PLA Extruder stepper motor model: 42HB34F08AB The cooling fan operating voltage:…

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  6. MightyBoard Motherboard 3D Printer Dashboard Introduce: MightyBoard is a DIY Open Source 3D Printer Control Board designed by MakerBot company, it is mainly used in desktop 3D printer DIY creation. It adapts ATMEGA's Atmega1280 as the master control chip. MightyBoard provides stable and excellent…

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  7. 3D Printer Dual-head Hot End Extruder 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.5mm Nozzle Feature: The Dual-head Hotend extruder combines the newly designed hotend version 2.0 couples together and you will have options of the nozzles from o.3mm, 0.35mm,0.4mm and 0.5mm. This Dual-head Hotend Extruder supports two color…

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  8. 3D Printer Single Extruder Nozzle 0.2-0.4mm 12V 24V Print Head Thermocouple Feature: Extrusion nozzle: 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.2mm optional Motion axis speed: 40mm / s Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h Print Material: ABS, PLA Red part silicone sleeve diameter: 28mm The extruder stepper motor type:…

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  9. 3D Printer B9 Shield Photocurable DLP Motherboard SLA Module Board Feature: The B9Creator uses the widely available Arduino Uno open source hardware microcontroller to implement a simple 3D Printer Application Programming Interface (3DPAPI). We support and encourage all 3D printer software…

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  10. 3D Printer Extruder Thermocouple Double Nozzle Printing Head Feature: Operating voltage: 12V Nozzle: 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5mm (optional) Fans line length: 0.35m Heating head cable length: 0.5m Stepper motor cable length: 1m Movement shaft speed: 40mm / h Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h Print…

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  11. 3D Printer Extruder Double Nozzle 12V 24V Print Head Distal Thermocouple Feature: Nozzle diameter: 0.2mm, 0.3mm 0.4mm Optional Motion shaft speed: 40mm / s Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h Print Material: ABS, PLA Red part silicone sleeve diameter: 28mm For optical axis distance: 8mm, axis…

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  12. 3D Printer Filament is available now from our US and UK warehouse Free shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business days ship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days in US warehouse ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouse 3mm 3D Printer ABS Filament For Makerbot Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa…

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  13. Specifications: Dimension: 13 x 6mm Material: Brass Precision: 0.2mm Screw Diameter: 6mm Inner diameter: 2.0mm Inner diameter's Accuracy: 0.2mm Package included: 5 x 0.2mm 3D printer extruder brass nozzle

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  14. Specifications: Dimension: 13 x 6mm Material: Brass Precision: 0.5mm Screw Diameter: 6mm Inner diameter: 2.0mm Inner diameter's Accuracy: 0.2mm Package included: 5 x 0.5mm 3D printer extruder brass nozzle

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  15. 3D Printer 8x100mm Lead Screw Rod T Shape Linear Rail Bar Shaft Feature: Mainly use for Stepping motor driving guide rail. T shape design, make of high quality 304 stainless steel material. Easy to install and convenient to use. Fine producing and practical. Specification: Rod diameter: 6mm The…

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  16. Specifications: The module can be stable long-term work when measured I (Max) = 25A. When using the module, the current should not exceed 25A. Notes: 1. When using hot bed power greater than 150W, an external high power module is needed. 2. Due to different production batch, the color of the cable…

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  17. Reprap 3D Printer Accessories Motherboard 1.2 Control Board Description: This board is the major new features of the Generation 3 electronics. The heart is Sanguino which is an Arduino-compatible board that is powered by an ATMEGA644P chip. It has connectors to hook up all the various peripherals…

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  18. 3D Printer Extruder Controller 2.2 Control Module Board Motherboard Description: This board is a combination of the PWM Driver Board, DC Motor Driver Board, Temperature Sensor Board, RS485 comms, and an Arduino. All on one board. It has screw terminals for easy hookup, as well as a power jack for…

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