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Rega Elicit



Rega Elicit Amplifier

What we think

Reasons to buy

  • + Very good bass, extended and clear
  • + Excellent imaging

Reasons to avoid

  • - Dynamics and attack not quite the best
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Product Details


The Rega Elicit Amplifier is a high performance audio amplifier using the Rega Alpha-Encoder control system, comprising of a digitally controlled analogue switched resistor network volume control, with a class A discrete low noise FET line amplifier. The signal switching is routed by high quality loss-less relays. High quality Evox and ICEL film capacitors have been used in sonically critical signal path positions throughout. Features: Discrete circuitry used in the signal path. Polypropylene capacitors used in all sonically critical positions. High specification Relay switching used throughout. Symmetrical power amplifier utilizing state of the art Sanken Darlington output transistors with enhanced thermal stability. Higher than normal Class A quiescent current. Galvanically isolated power supplies for the pre amplifier, power amplifier & digital circuits. Fast diodes used in the audio power supplies. Nine individual power supplies. High stability low noise voltage references used throughout. Low noise servo controlled FET pre-amplifier with the minimum of coupling capacitors. Wolfson digitally controlled stepped attenuator volume control. Generous heat sinks for continuous use. Plug in card for MM & MC input and future options. Direct input for integration into multi channel systems. Military specification wire used for speaker wiring. Single PCB construction ensuring short signal paths. Large toroidal transformer. Finishes available: Silver satin metal finish & Black satin metal finish

Type Amplifier