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  1. In this passionate polemic, Greg Graffin argues that art and science have a deep connection. He describes his own coming-of-age as an artist and the formation of his naturalist worldview over the past three decades. Anarchy Evolution sheds new light on the long-standing debate on religion and the human condition. It is a book for anyone who has ever wondered if God really exists.
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  2. The root of psychological and biological disease is spiritual. Author Henry W. Wright not only equips the church with respect to defeating sickness, but he also demystifies it by showing, from God’s perspective, why mankind has disease in the first place. A More Excellent Way is a valuable resource in assisting spiritual leaders, health-care professionals, and all individuals in understanding the spiritual dynamics behind diseases of the body, spirit, and soul.
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  3. Scientist and therapist helps readers understand how the power of their thoughts can help them manage stress, break unhealthy patterns, use their brains more effectively, and overcome mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual obstacles.
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  4. Developed from an early oral storytelling tradition dating back to the dawn of European culture, this is one of the oldest and most vibrant of Europe’s mythologies. Peter Berresford Ellis has included popular myths and legends from all six Celtic cultures – Irish, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Manx and Breton, as well as bringing to light exciting new tales which have been lying in manuscript form, untranslated and unknown to the modern general reader. The author brings not only his extensive knowledge of source material but also his acclaimed skills of storytelling to produce an original, enthralling and definitive collection of Celtic myths and legends – tales of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, magical weapons, fabulous beasts and entities from the ancient Celtic world.
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  5. The world knows Candace Payne as “Chewbacca Mom,” the wife and mother of two from Dallas who captured the hearts of nearly 200 million people around the world with nothing but a toy Chewbacca mask, a smart phone, and infectious laughter.Candace’s viral moment of simple joy became Facebook Live’s top video. But what the video doesn’t show is Candace’s storied journey of daunting obstacles on the way to the joy-filled life-extreme poverty, past trauma, and struggles with self-worth.Laugh It Up! tells the rest of the story behind the woman in the mask. Like most of us, Candace has often felt overlooked, undervalued, and insignificant. But she has also discovered the secrets to unshakable joy that no circumstance can take away, and Laugh It Up! will help you discover and experience the same.Join Candace to discover the gift God has given us all to experience life to the fullest. All you need to do is answer “yes” when joy, whom Candace personifies as a friend, calls you to come and play., â Do you feel tempted to give up on your dreams Joy stays the course., â Do your knees knock when thinking about the future Joy hopes for what can be., â Do you feel unseen and unnoticed Joy is content whether backstage or center stage., â Do you feel crushed under the weight of regret Joy loves you enough to weep with you, but also enough to help you move on.When life punches you in the gut, it can be difficult to muster a smile-much less a laugh. But with humor and power, wit and wisdom, Candace lights the way forward to a life that is free indeed.
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  6. They appear in the world’s major religions, as well as in literary classics, and it’s widely believed that many of these supernatural creatures truly exist. But who or what are angels? Are they messengers from heaven, or are they fearsome and ferocious beings from the underworld? Author Robert Curran concludes that there are angels who fit both categories. Readers will meet guardian angels and archangels, as well as the cherubim and seraphim, who sit at the foot of God’s heavenly throne. They’ll also read the legendary story of Lucifer, the fallen angel whose attempt to seize God’s throne set off a war in heaven that ended when he and his cohorts were cast into Hell. Among other fallen angels is their king, Asmodeus, as well as Beelzebub, the celebrated “Lord of the Flies.” But Robert Curran also describes many of the heavenly angels, such as Michael, God’s warrior; Raphael, the great healer; and Uriel, the carrier of wisdom. “The Handbook of Angels and Fallen Angels” is an always fascinating and highly readable description of the entire angelic realm. It’s filled with facts, folklore, and fascinating stories, and is enhanced with impressive color illustrations.
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  7. The Bible is a source of enlightenment for millions, and one of the most revered books of all time. How Well Do You Know Your Bible? contains a dynamic collection of Bible questions and answers designed to help readers increase their Bible literacy and have fun at the sam time! Blending fascinating biblical facts and biographies, this book offers a variety of questions at varying difficulty levels for readers to test their knowledge on topics including:The Ten CommandmentsGreat Women of the BibleBiblical MiraclesAnd much more!
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  8. Buttrick presents a complete homiletic that focuses on how sermons form in consciousness and how the language of preaching functions in the communal consciousness of a congregation. His phenomenological approach marks a sharp departure from older homiletics.
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  9. The bishop, Bible scholar, modern heir to C. S. Lewis, and revered author of Simply Christian and Simply Jesus offers a fresh look at the Gospel, explaining why Jesus’ message is “good news” and why it is more timely and transforming today than we know.The Gospel means good news. But if the message has been around for 2,000 years, what makes it significant today What’s so “good” about stories involving damnation, violence, and a God who sacrifices his only sonNoted Bible scholar N.T. Wright shows us how Christians today have lost sight of what the “good news” of the gospel really is. In Simply Good News, he takes us back in time to reveal how the people of the first-century-the gospel’s original audience-would have received Jesus’ message. He offer a clear and thoughtful analysis of what the “good news” really is, and applies it to our lives today, revealing its power to transform us.
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  10. Every man was once a boy. And every little has dreams, big dreams, dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. Every little girl has dreams, too: of being rescued by her prince and swept up into a great adventure, knowing that she is the beauty. But what happens to those dreams when we grow up Walk into most churches, have a look around, and ask yourself: What is a Christian man Without listening to what is said, look at what you find there. Most Christian men are . . . bored. John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic, Wild at Heart, and in it invites men to recover their masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God. And he invites women to discover the secret of a man’s soul and to delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer. John Eldredge is the director of Ransomed Heart
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  11. The Bible is the most influential book in history, yet remains unexplored by many. In A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible, John Dickson gives those observing Christianity from the outside a sense of the whole biblical narrative and the lifestyle it inspires.A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible is a concise account of the whole biblical narrative and the lifestyle it inspires, representing a unique and engaging framework for those observing Christianity from the outside, especially those who think there are good reasons not to believe.In this book, Dickson provides a readable and winsome Bible primer summarizing the main themes in scripture, and addresses tough questions such as How can we read the creation account in Genesis in light of modern scienceand, how do we approach Old Testament law when it appears inconsistent and irrelevantBy presenting the whole of the Bible as an account of God’s promise to restore humanity to Himself, and humanity to one another and to creation, Dickson allows believers and skeptics alike to gain insight into why the Bible has been a compelling, life-changing, and magnetic force throughout the ages.
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  12. Being a gentleman isn’t just being a nice guy, or aconsiderate guy, or the type of guy someone might take home to meet their mother.A gentleman realizes that he has the unique opportunity to distinguish himself fromthe rest of the crowd. He knows when an email is appropriate, and when nothingless than a handwritten note will do. He knows how to dress on the golf course,in church, and at a party. He knows how to breeze through an airport withoutthe slightest fumble of his carry-on or boarding pass. And those conversationalicebreakers-“Where do I know you from” A gentleman knows better.Gentlemanliness is all in the details, and John Bridges is reclaiming the ideathat men-gentlemen-can be extraordinary in every facet of their lives.
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  13. The Study Quran is a historic and groundbreaking work, produced by a distinguished team of Islamic studies scholars led by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, which offers:A new English translation of the Quran that is accurate, accessible, and reliable in how it renders this sacred textA wide-ranging verse-by-verse commentary that brings together the most respected and distinguished traditions of metaphysical, spiritual, theological, and legal interpretation of the Quran within IslamA helpful introduction to each su-rah that provides an overview and background of its teachingsEssays by fifteen internationally renowned scholars on how to read and understand the Quran and its role in shaping Islamic civilizationA beautiful two-color, two-column design that presents the sacred text and commentary in the spirit of traditional Quran manuscriptsMaps, a time line of historical events, comprehensive indexes, and other features to aid readingThe Study Quran provides a service never before available to readers of English: a scholarly yet accessible resource where one can quickly and easily explore how Muslims have interpreted the Quran through the centuries to the present day. An invaluable resource for scholars and students of all backgrounds, and especially to Muslims who want to deepen their understanding of their own tradition, The Study Quran is a much-needed guide in a time when confusion about the Quran and Islam is so prevalent.An unparalleled resource for studying a sacred textRenowned Muslim and Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr and a team of editors provide a window into how the Quran has been understood by Muslims through the centuries. For the first time, scholars and students of all backgrounds have a clear and reliable resource in English for exploring the history of interpretation for any passage in the Quran.“In our post-9/11 world, the Quran is becoming a more public document in the West than it has ever been throughout its history. Ultimately, this has the potential to
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  14. The author shares her insights into the kabbalistic Judaism of her grandfather, serving up a series of inspiring stories about spiritual life.
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  15. Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using astonishing new findings about the miraculous power of group intention and its boomerang effect, in this new book by the author of the international bestsellers The Intention Experiment and The Field. What we send out into the universe comes back to us, magnified. Although the power of intention—the energy of positive thoughts—is widely accepted as an influential force in transforming lives, the exponential power of group intention has never been explored, until now. In The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart, an expert on the science of spirituality, reveals her remarkable findings from ten years of experiments about how group intention can heal our lives—and change the world for the better. When individuals in a group focus their intention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal longstanding conditions, mend fractured relationships, lower violence, and even rekindle life purpose. But the greatest untold truth of all is that group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders. Drawing on hundreds of case studies, the latest brain research, and dozens of McTaggart’s own university studies, The Power of Eight provides solid evidence showing that there is such a thing as a collective consciousness. Now you can learn to use it and unleash the power you hold inside of you to heal your own life, with help from this riveting, highly accessible new book. And you can join a series of worldwide Intention Experiments that will run on a major web television channel in 120 countries during the book’s initial publication and afterward.
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  16. Bell “goes deep into the Bible to [posit that] it is more revelatory, revolutionary, and relevant than we ever imagined—and offers [an] … argument for why we need to look at it in a fresh, new way”—
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  17. Internationally acclaimed bestselling author Byron Katie’s most anticipated work since Loving What IsIn A Mind at Home with Itself, Byron Katie illuminates one of the most profound ancient Buddhist texts, The Diamond Sutra (newly translated in these pages by distinguished scholar Stephen Mitchell) to reveal the nature of the mind and to liberate us from painful thoughts, using her revolutionary system of self-inquiry called “The Work.” Byron Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it, in action. At once startlingly fresh and powerfully enlightening, A Mind at Home with Itself offers us a transformative new perspective on life and death and is certain to become a classic. In the midst of a normal American life, Byron Katie became increasingly depressed and over a ten-year period sank further into despair and suicidal thoughts. Then one morning in 1986 she woke up in a state of absolute joy, filled with the realization of how her own suffering had ended. The freedom of that realization has never left her. Its direct result, The Work, has helped millions of people all over the world to question their stressful thoughts and set themselves free from suffering.
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  18. What did the writer of Genesis mean by “the first day”? Is it a literal week or a series of time periods? If I believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, am I denying the authority of Scripture?In response to the continuing controversy over the interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis, John Lennox proposes a succinct method of reading and interpreting the first chapters of Genesis without discounting either science or Scripture. With examples from history, a brief but thorough exploration of the major interpretations, and a look into the particular significance of the creation of human beings, Lennox suggests that Christians can heed modern scientific knowledge while staying faithful to the biblical narrative. He moves beyond a simple response to the controversy, insisting that Genesis teaches us far more about the God of Jesus Christ and about God’s intention for creation than it does about the age of the earth. With this book, Lennox offers a careful yet accessible introduction to a scientifically-savvy, theologically-astute, and Scripturally faithful interpretation of Genesis.
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  19. Norse Mythology explores the magical myths and legends of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Viking-Age Greenland-outlining along the way the prehistoric tales and beliefs from these regions that have remained embedded in the imagination of the world. The book begins with an Introduction that helps put Scandinavian mythology in place in history, followed by a chapter that explains the meaning of mythic time, and a third section that presents in-depth explanations of each mythological term. These fascinating entries identify particular deities and giants, as well as the places where they dwell and the varied and wily means by which they forge their existence and battle one another. We meet Thor, one of the most powerful gods, who specializes in killing giants using a hammer made for him by dwarfs, not to mention myriad trolls, ogres, humans and strange animals. We learn of the ongoing struggle between the gods, who create the cosmos, and the jotnar, or giants, who aim to destroy it.In the enchanted world where this mythology takes place, we encounter turbulent rivers, majestic mountains, dense forests, storms, fierce winters, eagles, ravens, salmon and snakes in a landscape closely resembling Scandinavia. Beings travel on ships and on horseback; they eat slaughtered meat and drink mead. Spanning from the inception of the universe and the birth of human beings to the universe’s destruction and the mythic future, these sparkling tales of creation and destruction, death and rebirth, gods and heroes will entertain readers and offer insight into the relationship between Scandinavian myth, history, and culture.
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  20. A major new history of the knights Templar—holy warriors, bankers, priests, heretics—by the bestselling author of The PlantagenetsJerusalem 1119. A small group of knights seeking a purpose in the violent aftermath of the First Crusade decides to set up a new order. These are the first Knights of Templar, a band of elite warriors prepared to give their lives to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land. Over the next two hundred years, the Templars would become the most powerful religious order of the medieval world. Their legend has inspired fervent speculation ever since. But who were they really and what actually happened? In this groundbreaking narrative history, the bestselling author of The Plantagenets tells the true story of the Templars for the first time in a generation, drawing on extensive original sources to build a gripping account of these Christian holy warriors whose heroism and depravity have so often been shrouded in myth. The Templars were protected by the pope and sworn to strict vows of celibacy. They fought the forces of Islam in hand-to-hand combat on the sun-baked hills where Jesus lived and died, finding their nemesis in Saladin, who united Syria and Egypt to drive all Christians out of the Middle East. They were experts at channeling money across borders, immune from taxation, and beyond the control of kings. They established the medieval world’s first global bank and waged private wars against anyone who threatened their interests. Then, in 1307, bogged down in a faltering war in the Middle East, the order fell foul of the king of France. On Friday, October 13, hundreds of brothers were arrested en masse, imprisoned, tortured, and disbanded amid accusations of lurid sexual misconduct and heresy. They were tried by the Vatican in secret proceedings, but were they really heretics? Dan Jones goes back to the sources to tell their story, often in their own words. At once authoritative and compulsively readable, The Templars brings their dram
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  2. Turn your TV or computer monitor into a piece of wall art with this top-of-the-line Blu-Tec VESA-standard bracket. Featuring satin powder-coated heavy-gauge steel, a spirit level and quick-release mechanism, it will make for ultimate presentation and dependability. It's such a quality unit, it comes with a full five-year warranty.Please note that most Australian homes feature 600mm spacing between wall studs, and that other sellers market brackets with less than 500mm width across the mounting plate, rendering them incompatible with the wall. This Blu-Tec bracket covers 800mm, giving you ample margin for adjusting.
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