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  1. The Oriel Lighting – Rock Light Diy Garden Rock Spot Light IP65 is a decorative and reliable outdoor spotlight which is able to create high illumination with its compatibility for MR16 12v 20w globes.  This rock light can easily be mixed into your garden feature to create the perfect light reflection of a night. It also offers a natural or gray coloured appearance which looks like a real rock in the garden.  This rock spotlight features a compact size and is rated IP65 meaning it is perfect for use in changing weather conditions. It also comes complete with a quick connect attachment which is easier for DIY installations. This light is a part of the light scaping outdoor range and may need a transformer for operation (sold separately).  Size: This light features a size of 140mm (W) and 125mm (H) Globe: This light takes MR16 12v 20w globes. Features: Available Colour/Finish: Natural and  Grey IP Rating: IP65                Installation: Make sure main power is turned off. Connect the light with the transformer via the quick attachments and set the light into place. 
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  2. Oriel Lighting - Rock LED downlight adjustable white 10W 3000K colour temperature.Features:Dimensions:Fitting: Diameter 95mmCutout: Diameter 85mmColour: WhiteGlobe: LED Globe IncludedWattage: 10WGlobe Colour: 3000K Warm WhiteLumens: 650lmCRI: 82Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
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  3. Rock adjustable LED in 3000K downlight kit. The Rock features a 9W Sharp LED, with a CRI of 82 and a colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K. The Rock is suited to indoor applications, and is tilt adjustable to allow light to be directed. Supplied with a dimmable driver.Features:Dimensions: Diameter 95mmColour: WhiteGlobe: LED Globe IncludedWattage: 9WGlobe Colour: 3000K Warm White and 4000K Natural WhiteLumens: 600lm for Warm White and 800lm for Natural WhiteIP Rating: IP20Warranty: 1 Year Replacement WarrantyAvailable Globe Colour: 3000K Warm White and 4000K Natural White
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  4. Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod For Beach and Rock Fishing  4 piece pull apart (12ft when constructed)The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model is certainly long when put together and constructed at 12 foot. A true surf and rock fishing rod needs this length for demanding long casts and to keep the line well positioned above the shore break or beyond the rocky ledges. More often than not you a fishing with some pretty serious weight down at the business end and the rod strength, power and length is crucial for peak performance in the surf breakers. The Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model for sale now has all these aspects covered but with one more significant advantage. It breaks down into four easily stowed and transportable pieces. (of approx. 3ft length each piece)The one disadvantage of a surf rod, even when broken into the more standard 2-piece, is that they are difficult to transport unless you have a large vehicle or a vehicle with roof racks. The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model deletes this restriction by breaking down into 4 lengths well under the meter so that anyone using any mode of transport can carry with ease. Nothing is lost in power and strength or feel, the High Modulus Graphite Blank is brilliant, lightweight with plenty of power for the big ones and plenty of power for the extra-long cast. Quality fittings from rod tip to reel seat ensure your travel rod has all the performance of a standard surf and rock fishing rod.Strap an 6000 to 8000 size spin reel and point your Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model at all your favourites from Mulloway, Aussie Salmon and Tailor to Mackerel, Bonito, Groper, Drummer, massive ocean dwelling Bream, Kingfish and more. Spool with brad or mono, cast flesh baits, live baits and lures of all style from metal slices to big soft plastics. Grab your Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model now.Features and SpecificationsTravel Surf Rod – Designed specifically for fishing from rocks of beach4 Piece Travel Rod12 foot in length when constructed (approx. 3ft each piece when collapsed)Line Rating 6-12kgStyle: SpinModel Code: SURF 1204SUEasily transportable via any mode of transport including, bus, train, taxi, car or aeroplaneAll the performance of a standard rock and surf rodThere are not too many travel surf rods available for sale and Rovex nails it at an excellent price point.Fishing Application and Fishing Reel Suggestion GuideSo, if you haven’t guessed by now this rod is ideal for beach and rock fishing. Being 12ft and rated 6-12kg means you have access to a broad range of species targets from targeting bream, whiting, mulloway and dart in the gutters through to Aussie salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, and more off the rocks.With this rod ideally, we suggest pairing it up to a 60 / 6000 size fishing reel (spinning type) upto an 80 / 8000 size spin reel. (we sell reels separate in our online fishing tackle store)BenefitsThe 4-piece configuration makes the Travel Surf Rod super easy to store and transport whatever transport mode or space limitations including public transport.Quality fittings ensure an outstanding fishing experience, reliability, predictability and assist in longevity.Modern travel rods are nothing like the hit and miss offerings of the past. You get all the performance and quality of a standard fishing rod.All the power you need to tackle the larger class of fish your will encounter fishing the rocks and surf.The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model for sale now will make you next rock and surf adventure super easy. Wherever you travel and
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  5. Adrenalin Rock Spike Fishing BootsAdrenalin Rock spike fishing boots by land and sea sports (Home grown brands Australia) are one awesome piece of footwear that is an absolute must if you are a rock fisherman!This is such a small investment for a rock fishing boot that is going to provide you maximum protection against slipping on the rocks on slime or muck, taking a fall and hitting your head rendering you unconscious or possibly breaking a few bones. Perhaps a freak wave comes and hits you? The Adrenaline rock spike fishing boots may help you retain your grip on the rocks in situations like these.By no means are these rock spike fishing boots guaranteed to save your life or provide 100% protection against falling if you find yourself in a situation like these however they offer a whopping amount of extra protection that could be beneficial in such a compromising situation compared to if you were wearing standard footwear or no footwear at all.Rock fishing is a very dangerous activity and is responsible for multiple deaths each year. So, make sure you are kitted out with as much protection as possible and that includes wearing a life jacket!Adrenalin Rock Spike fishing boots are designed to last and withstand harsh treatment and these heavy duty boots boasts a comfortable 5mm neoprene thick body along with reinforced thick rubber soles that have hardened steel spikes incorporated within the sole that is going to provide you with maximum grip when walking on or fishing from the rocks. Adrenaline has also thought hard about using these boots around saltwater and has therefore implemented YKK Zips on these fantastic rock spike boots.
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  6. Rovex Duren Rod 1202 TLM 2Pce Surf and Rock Rod 12'. This incredibly strong rod features Fully Integrated solid tip, under and overbound guides for strength, cushioned reel seat and timber sand spike. Fantastic Value
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  7. Brand New Quantity: 1 set Weight: 2-4 kg Approximately Made in PAKISTAN We have weighed a few of the lamps and they are usually about 3kg All lamps are similar in size ,both width and height Come with AU plug , does not come with the bulb Natural shape makes it a great home decoration if it is not turned on Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas The salt lamp is widely used in the treatment of illnesses inculding asthma, allergies , rheumatism , high blood pressure and migranie headaches The negative ions produced by a salt lamp will also cleanse your air of contaminants such as dust mites , pollen, odor , pet danger and cigarette smoke
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  8. CLA Lighting - Inground up lights one way in a stainless steel finish.Features:Dimensions:Fitting: Diameter 90mm x Height 125mmCable: Length 950mmColour: Stainless SteelGlobe Base: MR16Voltage: 12VGlobe: Globe Not Included, LED CompatibleIP Rating: IP674mm tempered glass, max load capacity 100kgExternal Control Gear RequiredPlastic sleeve included (must be installed)Fitting slides into sleeve and remains unattachedWarranty: 2 Year Replacement Warranty
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  9. Shimano Maikuro Beach and Rock Rods For Sale (Choose either 902 9ft or 1062 10ft 6 inch)The Shimano Maikuro rod series is an affordable rod range designed with the intent of providing flagship technologies to even the tightest budgets of Anglers across Australia. The Nano 30 Ton Toray Graphite blank is probably the key feature, providing feel, sensitivity and awesome pulling power which you need, in a cosmetically slick package that will no doubt turn a few jealous heads.The rock and surf  fishing rod models listed below are perfect for casting lures such as metal slices into wave and wash, chasing aggressive surface hunters like Aussie Salmon and Tailor. As most Rock and surf anglers know, long rods will always induce serious fatigue. The Maikuro rock and beach fishing rod range does away with the traditional weighty feel of old school wave rods, taking much of the fatigue out of casting the surf and ocean rocks.  This is achieved without any loss in strength and pulling power.As you might expect, casting manners are exceptional. The medium/fast actions are well supported by the Sea Guides, ensuring line will peal off your spool evenly, without huge amounts of cast killing friction. The butt assembly provides outstanding feel, translating every movement and inquiry directly to the angler. This feedback provides great feedback for timing strikes and adjusting retrieves.The Maikuro range for rock and surf fishing are strong and robust. These features are critical for the harsh surf and rock environments that are traditionally very hard on all fishing equipment.Ultimately, the Maikuro is all about top fishing performance for less money. Quality surf and rock kit is traditionally more expensive than the gear for other applications. Shimano have stripped back the cost while providing exceptional technology all anglers can afford. Grab your Maikuro now and hit the rocks and surf for outstanding fishing action.
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  10. Brand New Quantity: 1 set Weight: 4-6 kg Approximately Made in PAKISTAN We have weighed a few of the lamps and they are usually about 5kg All lamps are similar in size ,both width and height Come with AU plug , does not come with the bulb Natural shape makes it a great home decoration if it is not turned on Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas The salt lamp is widely used in the treatment of illnesses inculding asthma, allergies , rheumatism , high blood pressure and migranie headaches The negative ions produced by a salt lamp will also cleanse your air of contaminants such as dust mites , pollen, odor , pet danger and cigarette smoke
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  11. The Vibe Lighting - 2 x 6 x 3W LED Twin Square Downlight is a reliable and highly professional two 6 x 3W downlight kit which is capable of promoting high operation and use within commercial and some domestic applications. This professional downlight kit features a high strength die-cast aluminium construction and features a modern day design which can suit with any of the surrounding room.  This LED light also offers a high running capacity with its 50,000 long life, and comes complete with a CREE LED chip, a 40° beam angle, a 360° rotatable design, and a CRI of 80. This light can provide a dimmable effect when used with most commercial and domestic lighting systems when featuring the appropriate driver.  This downlight kit also offers powerful illumination with its 1782 lumens, and available colour temperate of 3000K (Warm White) and 5000K (Natural White). Offering a compact size, it can easily be used for long term operation, and is perfect for providing high energy efficiency with its LED light capacity.  Features Require 700mA constant current driver 50,000 hour long life CREE LED Chips 40 beam angle CRI of 80 360 rotatable Dimmable on most domestic or commercial lighting systems with appropriate driver Vibe LED Modular 3 x 3W Downlights are die-cast aluminium and have a modern design. 2 x 6 x 3W Twin fitting Available Colour Temperature: 3000K (Warm White) and 5000K (Natural White) Lumen output: 1782lm Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 55mm Cutout: 258 x 130mm This product requires... VBLDR700-27W-D Installation: To be fitted onto a ceiling by a licensed electrician. Please see our directory for your nearest electrical contractor.  Cleaning: Make sure light is turned off. Next take a slightly damp cloth and wipe excess dust and dirt from the cover. 
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