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  1. Used at the bottom of a Fluted Downpipe that is directing water straight in to the mouth of an open drain. A slight offset is required in this instance to compensate fgor most drain applications not having their opening flush with the face of the wall that the Fluted Downpipe is mounted to, which is flush with the wall (The high price of these units is due to the fact they are hand made)
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  1. DIY Pergola Kit Outdoor Patio Deck Cover Roof 3 x 3m Verandah Aluminum
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  2. If Bond were ever to pull out a ladder, it would be this one. Aptly branded Bullet, its ingenious and lightweight aluminium design fits nicely into the boot of an Aston Martin (alternatively, in your bedroom closet). Yet, when time comes to save that damsel in distress (alternatively, reach the top shelf of cookie jars or bolt a rafter in place), it extends to whatever height you want - right up to a dizzying 380cm. Of course, in true MI6 fashion, it also comes with full safety certification, featuring industrial-grade latches and solid rubber-tipped feet. So, beat Q to it: grab yourself a telescopic Bullet ladder and be the agent of your own success today!HIDE YOUR ABILITYThe Bullet ladder is there when you need it, gone when you don't. Compacting from 380cm to a handy 86cm, you can store it out of sight almost anywhere.REACH NEW HEIGHTSWhat's on the menu today? Roof work? Painting? Kitten rescue? Not to worry. Extending incrementally, your Bullet ladder will show you the way in a few simple steps - right up to 380cm. And at that height, people start looking very small.STEP UP THE SAFETYFeaturing durable aluminium design, industrial-grade height-locking latches and solid rubber-tipped feet, the Bullet telescopic ladder comes with full SGS Safety Certification. Who said that you have to take risks to look cool?
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  3. Lightweight and affordable, this telescopic ladder can incrementally extend to almost four metres in length. Reach the highest locations through a max extension of 3.8m Comfortably store it away thanks to a compact design Enjoy increased safety during use as the rubber-tipped feet keep the ladder from sliding Thanks to the ingenious, extendable design of the Certa 3.8m Telescopic Ladder, you’ll never need to lug around a giant, heavy ladder again. Incrementally extending to almost four metres high, you’ll effortlessly reach the highest roofs and points. Once your work is done it smoothly compacts into a lightweight, portable frame sitting at just over a metre – so you can pack it up and put it away with ease! This telescopic ladder complies with Australian Safety Standards, coming equipped with rubber-tipped feet to ensure it doesn’t shift around. Featuring a sturdy aluminium frame which supports a 150kg load-bearing capacity, you’ll be relying on this ladder time and time again. Perfect to store in any garage, office or car – this Certa 3.8m Telescopic Ladder truly rises above the competition. Highlights: Extends to 3.8m Contracts to just 1.03m Lightweight, aluminium design Rubber-tipped feet Complies with Australian Safety Standards
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  4. Zinc It – Galvanic Rust Prevention CRC Zinc It is a single component Zinc rich compound with a special epoxy binder and contains over 90% pure zinc. CRC Zinc It is a cold galvanising application that fuses directly to clean iron, or steel surfaces through electrochemical action. CRC ZINC IT is a single component Zinc rich compound witha special epoxy binder and contains 93% of the highest purity Zinc in the dried film, to give Galvanic Rust Prevention. Applications: CRC ZINC IT is idea for use on; Transmission Towers Transformers Radio and TV Relay Towers Power Generation Equipment Structural Steel Trailers Roofs Guard Rails Welding Seams Rivet Holes Fencing Storage Tanks Off Shore Oil Rigs Ships Railroad Equipment Sub-station Equipment Touch-Up over galvanized coatings Coastal and Shipborne Installations subject to severesalt water and salt spray corrosion. FEATURES: Easy to apply – aerosol only Long term protection to steel because of cathodic action Metallic zinc coating is universally accepted as the best method of rust prevention. Flexible continuous protective film SPECIFICATIONS: Flash Point: 41°C Specific Gravity (20°C): 2.20 +/- 0.05 Temperature Resistance: Up to 400°C Complete Cure (20°C): 72 hours Average Film Thickness: 50 Microns Solubility in Water: Insoluble VOC Content including propellant: 53%wt, 580 g/litre Propellant: Hydrocarbon Performance Characteristics: Type of Film: Dry, Flexible Film Thickness: Wet – 150 microns Dry – 75 microns Coverage: 6m.sq/Lt at 75 microns Drying Time: 20 min. to touch, 8hrs to recoat, 24 hrsto hard Preparation: Thorough abrading, firm dry surface Spraying: Clean up with thinners
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