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Samsung HTTX725



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SAMSUNG's new Crystal Home Theatre system provides you with the ultimate in stylish home entertainment. Its potential only limited by your imagination. 800watt total output USB host with CD ripping Free your music and pictures from the confines of your PC. Save MP3s, JPEGs and more to a USB thumb drive. Then plug it in to the HT-TX725 and watch pictures come alive on your HDTV or listen to music blast through your home theatre system. You can also easily connect your MP3 player or digital camera to access your music and photos. Plus, you can record audio from your CDs directly to your thumb drive or MP3 player via the USB port. iPod docking cradle The iPod docking station enables users to effortlessly connect and listen to their favourite tracks via the built in iPod cradle.ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) With just the press of a button you can configure your home theatre system for perfect sound. Just place the ASC microphone in the position that you normally sit, and the home theatre system will individually tailor the sound profile to your living space.1,080p video Up-Scale Want to watch all of your favourite DVD's in Full HD 1080p? With the HT-TX725 in-built upscaling technology you can upscale your DVD's and see them like you have never seen them before.Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) SAMSUNG's Anynet+ means that you no longer have to have a coffee table full of remotes. The Anynet+ system allows control of a SAMSUNG Anynet+ TV via the HT-TX725 remote control. Simple.wireless rear speakers Your home can look as good as it sounds, thanks to wireless-ready technology that promises cleaner, easier installation. Using an optional rear-channel wireless module, the rear speakers communicate wirelessly with your DVD receiver, making cables a thing of the past.

Number Of Speakers Speakers 6