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Samsung HTTZ315



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An impressive home theatre system for any budget. Feel the deep roaring bass, and intricate spoken dialogue. powerful 1,000W RMS sound and clarity With a powerful 1,000W RMS output, you can be confident that you will feel the impact of your favourite action movie, and still hear the soft dialogue, and delicate musical scores. bluetooth connectivity With a Bluetooth connection you can easily (and wirelessly) play music directly from your Bluetooth MP3 player or mobile phone. USB Host input With the direct USB Host input you can seamlessly play music, image or movie files that are stored on your USB flash drive, giving you convenient access to media files via your PC. 5.1 tallboy speakers Convenient slimline Tallboy speakers allow you to experience true surround sound without large imposing speakers dominating your living room. 1080p upscaling for DVD Enjoy your current DVD collection like you never have before. With 1080p upscaling you will see clearer image details and more vibrant picture, giving you a more realistic viewing experience. HDMI Output w/AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC) HDMI offers high bandwidth all-digital connection to your TV, which eliminates the need for Digital-to-Analogue conversions which can affect picture quality. SAMSUNG’s Anynet+ system also works using this increased bandwidth, consumers are able to control all connected Anynet+ devices with the 1 remote, and the signal will be passed to the appropriate component via the HDMI cable.

Number Of Speakers Speakers 5.1
Surround Sound Surround Sound Dolby Pro Logic II