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Samsung PS63B680T5



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The picture quality of the SAMSUNG Full HD SERIES 7 Plasma TV is unparalleled. Precise, Full HD images are presented with immaculate detail - open your eyes to a new world of wonder. Furthermore, through the development and use of advanced, innovative technologies you can enjoy entertainment that transcends the boundaries of conventional TV. 1080p Full HD - photo realistic details The richest, most realistically represented images come to life in 1920 x 1080p Full HD. Colours are more vibrant, moving images have more fluidity, and action sequences become more dynamic. The expanded range of emotional expression allows you to be more engaged with your entertainment and to receive more enjoyment from your viewing experience.Real 100Hz - seamless motion imaging 100Hz technology doesn't simply repeat images to make extra frames, it intelligently estimates the action, then creates and inserts an extra frame between frames to create a much more comfortable viewing experience. Through the insertion of this bridge frame, images appear seamless and the motion judder and image blurring that can occur when watching movies and sports is eliminated. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with precision and clarity on the SAMSUNG Full HD SERIES 7. Content Library - the evolution of TV With SAMSUNG's embedded Content Library, the future of Digital TV just became brighter. Fast, easy access is given to a variety of non-broadcast entertainment. Fitness, Children, Cooking and Gallery features give you a TV experience that goes well beyond that of standard DTV. The built-in flash memory gives you the ability to easily access and control the content. Provide Additional Content Regularly update your Content Library by downloading free content from Store the newly downloaded content onto a USB memory stick and watch it on your TV by plugging it into the side-mounted USB port.

Type Of Screen Plasma
Screen Size inch 63
Digital TV Standard Full HD
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080