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SCE Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition PS3



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Get ready to hit the track in the definitive version of Gran Turismo 5. Souped-up, fine-tuned and ready to launch you on the drive of your dreams, Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition features extra courses, additional cars and exciting new features. Launching in September 2012, Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition features a host of game add-ons previously released on PlayStation Store and now included in the game on one Blu-ray Disc. What's more, you'll be playing the remastered version of Gran Turismo 5, as all functionality updates are packed into the game as well. Turismo 5: Academy Edition Includes Complete Pack: - Power round the track in the Red Bull X2011 Prototype, 11 cars and three karts of the Racing Car Pack. -Take on the illustrious SPA Francorchamps circuit and two additional karting tracks of the Course Pack. - Try on a range of famous helmets and race suits from the Racing Gear Pack. - Use 100 colours found in the Special Paint Pack. Car Pack 2: - Get behind the wheel of two popular Volkswagen cars, the 2010 Golf VI R and the 2010 Scirocco R. - Zip through the corners in the 2011 MINI COOPER S. - Unleash the 2012 Nissan R35 GT-R. Car Pack 3: - Buckle up for a supercar spectacular with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar and Lamborghini Aventador. - Try two iconic compact cars, the 66 Volkswagen 1200 and the Mini Cooper S - Experience electric motoring with the Nissan Leaf.

Type Game Racing