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Sega Football Manager Handheld 2010



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Implementing key improvements to the 2010 edition of the soccer management franchise, Football Manager Handheld 2010 includes improvements such as a brand new skin for the game and improved match engine AI. With an improved Board Confidence module, players now get a report with their views on your progress in competitions, matches, the financial state of the club and the current squad harmony. In addition, they will also inform you of their opinion of each signing you have made. It is also possible to choose your starting season expectations -- depending on the financial situation of the club you are managing; the board might release additional funds in order to help you achieve your selected goals. You can even move funds between your transfer and wage budgets. This ensures that you will never again find yourself unable to afford the wages of a free transfer signing despite having money left over in the transfer budget. Coach and scout reports have been rewritten, to allow an increased level of detail. Coaches will now assess the abilities of your players against other members of your squad, whilst scouts will inform you whether they feel a potential signing will be better than your existing first choice player in the targeted position. In addition, they'll also assess the likelihood of the player being interested in a move to your club. At any time during your reign at a club, it is now possible to ask your assistant manager to compile a report of your squad -- reporting back on his recommended strongest starting line-up and the strongest and weakest players in the team. They will also report back on any potential transfer targets to improve the first team. General Features: - New skin -- a new look for the PSP game. - Improved match AI - Lots of polish - Improved board confidence module - Improved coach & scout reports - Assistant manager team reports - Player Comparison Screen - Player testimonials - New "unlockables"

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