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Sega Jambo Safari Ranger Adventure



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Jambo! Safari takes players on an action-packed African adventure of fun and excitement. Inspired by the classic 1990's arcade action title, these home games in the Jambo! Safari franchise reinvent the wild experience with modern graphics and deeper gameplay. As with the original, the new Jambo! Safari allows you to play as one of four safari park rangers, but this time they are fully customisable. With the ultimate aim of becoming a fully qualified ranger, players must take on high speed challenges and exciting rescue missions across the rich and varied free-roaming landscapes of the African Plains. Using one of the four customisable vehicles, including the licensed Land Rover Defender 90 and 110, rangers will need to ensure the animals in their park are healthy and happy. The vast range of Jambo! Safari missions include rescuing animals in need, diagnosing and treating them before releasing them back to the wild, wildlife photography, sight seeing adventures and even hot air balloon rides! Swinging the Wii Remote like a lasso and using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to drive through the vast levels of Jambo! Safari Ranger Adventure and will immerse players in a true safari experience on the Wii console. Alongside the single player adventure to become a ranger, Jambo! Safari Ranger Adventure will also contain a co-op mode enabling you to share certain missions with a friend. The party games can be enjoyed by up to four people, so take your pick between Ostrich Racing, Meerkat Madness and more safari style fun! Features: - Play as an African Safari Park Ranger: Venture out in your vehicle and experience life in the wild - Care for animals: Rescue, diagnose and treat over 40 different species, including giraffes, elephants,zebras and lions. Watch them thrive after they are released - Take a great adventure: Embark on a variety of missions including daring animal rescues, wildlife photography and fun off-road driving excursions

Type Game Platformer