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Sega Touch Darts Nintendo DS Game

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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a dartist, but can't seem to score more than 34 on a real board? Then Sega Presents: Touch Darts is sure to have you on the edge of your oche! Heading onto your Nintendo DS screens this summer, the crazy world of darts just got crazier as Sega Presents: Touch Darts combines regular dart tournaments with a mixture of hilarious multiplayer modes and mini-games. Swing the DS stylus back and forth to throw and revel in the realistic game mechanic. It's so realistic your mum may well ban it from the house and send you out to play in the garage. And a dilemma will crop up immediately - the all important nickname. Will you be 'The Count,' 'The Countess' or even 'The Accountant' - it's your decision. With a fresh and unique style, Sega Presents: Touch Darts allows you to progress from local pub legend to World Champion, or take on your friends in versus mode. All this means there's no need to breathe in that smoky pub air to enjoy the thrills of the bull. Features: - Perfect arrows: A unique game mechanic perfectly suited to the DS. Take complete control of your darts and throw them to glory with the innovative control system. - Full player roster: A full complement of exciting and extrovert characters, each with unique approaches and finishing moves, and all drawn in a fresh graphic style. - Career: Progress from the local pub team to become World Champion and fill your trophy cabinet. - Challenge: Take on a series of 10 mini-games based on classic darts games and original concepts, and work your way through to win star prizes! - Versus mode: Take on your friends with a variety of multiplayer options.

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