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Sennheiser RS220



Sennheiser RS220 Headphones

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Product Description Take to a new level of audiophile listening appreciation with the digital wireless RS 220. Comprising of an open, circumaural headphone and a sveltely designed transmitter, this digital wireless headphone system delivers an uncompressed sound performance equaling those of high-end wired headphones. The transmitter features one optical and one coaxial digital input, plus an analog audio input. Other highlights include easy recharging of the headphones as well as simultaneous connections of up to two headphones. The RS 220 feature premium quality materials, ensuring exceptional wearing comfort even when used for extended periods of time. They are optimized for all analog and digital audio sources. All things considered, the RS 220 truly offer new levels of audio detail, refinement and transparency for discerning audio lovers. Features Open, circumaural digital wireless headphone Uncompressed digital audio transmission Transmitter features one analog audio input Range of up to 100 m (line of sight) from sound source and up to 30 m indoors Power on/off, balance control and volume control integrated on headphones Multi-purpose transmitter - Also functions as 'easy-charge' cradle and docking station Extremely comfortable and luxurious velour ear pads Rechargeable, integrated batteries

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