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    The Super Wet and Dry comes with great features and is great value at an affordable price. The Shopvac can be used to clean like any other vacuum however with only a few minor changes it can then be used to pick up wet messes as well. The Shopvac can also convert instantly to a blower by attaching…


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What to look for when buying your next vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaners have changed a lot over the years, with new technologies such as bagless storage, lightweight stick designs and even robot vacuums increasing both the efficiency and convenience of the otherwise tedious chore. You can still buy vacuum cleaners that use bags, and while some people swear by them for one reason or another, ultimately they end up being more unwieldy than the alternative and, although sometimes cheaper, will cost you in the long run with replacement bags. Manufacturer’s like Dyson are highly sought after, with their innovative cyclone technology, futuristic designs and compact units. However, these vacuums are almost always expensive, so you’ll definitely want to be waiting it out for a sale. Alternatively, you can try a robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba that will intelligently and automatically vacuum your home and charge itself when it’s done.