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Shure Head Phones

  • Shure SE215 Headphones

    Featuring Dynamic MicroDriver, the SE215 delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass. A detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and a secure, comfortable fit on-stage or on-the-go. Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes provide up to 37 dB of isolation and a customized fit.…

    $129 - $179
  • Shure SE425 Headphones

    Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers Featuring Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers, the SE425 uses a dedicated tweeter and woofer for an accurate and balanced sound. Detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and secure, comfortable fit. Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes…

    $329 - $469
  • Shure SRH940 Headphones

    Designed for professional audio engineers and in-studio talent, SRH940 Headphones provide accurate response across the entire audio spectrum to deliver smooth high-end extension with tight bass. Superior transient response minimizes distortion. Collapsible, lightweight design with premium padded…

    $345 - $349
  • Shure SRH1540 Headphones

    The SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones deliver superior acoustic performance, comfort, and durability to professional engineers, musicians, and audiophiles alike. The SRH1540 utilizes 40 mm neodymium drivers for an expansive soundstage with clear, extended highs and warm bass. Developed with…

  • Shure SRH1440 Headphones

    Type Open back, circumaural Driver 40 mm Dynamic, neodymium magnet Sensitivity (1kHz) 101 dB SPL/mW Impedance (Nominal, 1kHz) 37 Ohms Max Input Power (1kHz) 1000 mW Frequency Range 15Hz – 27kHz Cable Type Dual-exit, detachable oxygen-free copper Plug Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo…

    $418.05 - $549
  • Shure SRH840 Headphones

    Designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, the SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones from Shure are optimized for studio recording and critical listening. A precisely tailored frequency response and 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers combine with total comfort and durability to…

  • Shure SE315 Headphones

    High-Definition MicroDriver + Tuned BassPort Featuring single High-Definition MicroDrivers, the SE315 delivers full range sound and optimized low-end performance utilizing a vented driver. A detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and secure, comfortable fit on-stage or…

  • Shure SRH1840 Headphones

    Feayures: - Individually matched 40 mm neodymium drivers for unparalleled acoustic performance with smooth, extended high-end and accurate bass. - Open-back, circumaural design for exceptionally natural sound, wide stereo image, and increased depth of field. - Lightweight construction featuring…

  • Shure SE535 Headphones

    Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers Featuring Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers, the SE535 utilizes dedicated tweeter and dual woofers to deliver spacious sound with rich bass. A detachable cable with wire-form fit enables easy replacement, both extending the life of your investment and providing…

    $212.13 - $769
  • Shure SE112 Headphones

    The SE112 delivers great sound with deep bass and impressive sound isolation. The first step in an audio upgrade for portable digital devices, the SE112 features Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes block outside noise up to 37 dB and provide a secure, comfortable fit. Evolved from personal…

    $78.13 - $138.16
  • Shure SE846 Headphones

    Features: Extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance 4 custom-engineered, balanced armature drivers tailored to blend precisely with each other 3-way system configuration for dedicated low, mid and high frequency distribution Adjustable sound signatures via changeable nozzle…

    $1355.8 - $1549
  • Shure SRH240 Headphones

    The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home and studio recording, SRH440 headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range. Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for professional audio…


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What you should consider when making your next headphone purchase Given the popularity of smart devices, the potential for a pocket full of music is more realised than ever, but to get the most out of this, you’re going to want to pick up some decent headphones. A lot of headphones, whether they’re in-ear or over-ear, will come with an inline remote that sits along the cabling in order to help you control your music playback, phone calls and volumes. These will also often contain microphones so you can answer calls without removing your headphones, although you’ll have to be sure whether the model you’re after is compatible with iPhone or Android, as some manufacturers produce separate versions for each of the major phone brands. As smartphones have progressed to the point where many are opting to remove their headphone jack, it’s also sensible to consider wireless (aka, bluetooth) headphones which have improved significantly in recent years, and somehow keep dropping in price. Some manufacturers, such as Sony and Bose, offer active noise-cancelling headphones which are ideal for the frequent flier and public transit commuter.