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Children love Sibelius Groovy Music. It lets them create their own music as well as carry out directed activities, so there s plenty of room for them to experiment. In fact, Sibelius Groovy Music is so compelling that once children start making music, they just won t want to stop! And best of all, it s incredibly easy to use, so you won t waste time on setting it up and learning how it works. Each of the three Groovy Music programs is designed to be used by a different age group, with more complex musical ideas being explored as children progress through the series. Each program has its own theme , with exciting and engaging graphics to appeal to the age group for which it s designed. The three Groovy Music programs can be used on a single computer, a network or an interactive whiteboard for whole class teaching. They can be purchased individually, or at a discount when bought together. Using the Notation viewer in Groovy s Create mode, the individual notes of each musical element can be viewed by simply double- clicking the shape. Elements can be viewed and edited using a simple representation of pitch and rhythm, which is particularly useful for non-specialists. Standard notation can also be used. Children are taught how to use notation naturally as they progress through the three programs. Sibelius Groovy Music Shapes Features * For 5-7 year olds * Teaches simple musical concepts * Children create music using shapes to represent sounds Sibelius Groovy Music Shapes System Requirements * Windows 98/2000/XP or Mac OS X 10.2 or later * 800Mhz processor or faster * 128MB+ RAM * 100MB free hard disk space * 16-bit sound card * CD-Rom drive required for installation

Software Type Sound Editing